July 2022

June 2022

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“Fish of a lifetime”
Image: Cliffton Bridge

. Winter tactics
If we think of winter and bass fishing, it is something we don’t really associate with one another. But, if you really want to catch your personal best, then winter is one of the best times to try it.

. Awkward landing zones
Awkward landing situations are not totally uncommon at all. In fact, they are pretty much guaranteed during a session

. Edges, cover & structure
Understanding the subtle differences between these loosely-used terms will ultimately result in a more constructive, strategic day on the water

. Bank bassin'
I thought it is a good idea to present some thoughts on bass fishing off the banks because this is the main activity at bassing destinations.

. Catching smallmouth bass
Catching the elusive smallmouth bass in Clanwilliam Dam can be very frustrating for the novice angler, especially when he sees what the some anglers are catching. Here are some advice on “how to…”

. Choosing the right size bait
When you want to put fish in the boat you have choose the right size bait.

. Winter bassin'
Your approach will need to be slow and methodical, but the rewards are often very satisfying.
. Alternative winter tactics
We have always been taught that when it comes to winter and you want to catch bass you have to go deep and you have to go slow…

. Die RRR in die BRRR
Min hengelaars besef dat winter net so ‘n lekker tyd van die jaar kan wees om baars te vang. Dit is egter die tyd van die jaar waar jou kennis en geduld deeglik op die proef gestel word.

. Go-to baits
If I could only have five rods rigged with five different baits then these are the baits that would make the cut.

. Doornpoort Forrel en Bass Plaas

. TBC Championship - Klerksdropdam
. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results

. MLF Team Series
. LeBrun wins Guntersville
. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. International Angling News
. Gear Up
. Water levels in South Africa