June 2022

June 2022

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. Fishing trees
Let’s assume that bass are holding to trees in general, and the question then is: how do we get them out of the tree and onto our hooks?

. Winter suspension - The cranks and jerks of cold water
The age, old, million rand question on every eager bass angler’s lips is; how do we keep those cold water bites coming?

. Frogging fundamentals in South Africa (Part 3)
In the last article of this series, we will look at what I consider the most important aspects of frog fishing, namely ‘casting and presentation’.

. Road trip tips - 7 things to remember for bass fishing getaways
Whether it’s making the journey to an old, out of town venue or heading off in search of new waters while crossing borders, bass fishing road trips are the stuff legends are made from.

. Keep your focus
Every competitive bass angler has to deal with fishing second hand water, and on our c
rowded, small, bodies of water, it happens all the time.

. Die Kaggelvuur en Koffie-seisoen
Die kaggelvuur en koffie-seisoen is hier. Finesse hengel en die winter is net so sinoniem soos ‘n kaggelvuur met koffie. Vinkel en koljander, die een pas by die ander.

. Super baits
Is there such a thing as a super bait when it comes to soft plastics? What constitutes a super bait? What qualities should a bait have to work under all conditions? How can a single bait trigger both a reaction and a curiosity strike? These are questions I have asked myself over and over again.

. A plant for every reason - Why bass love aquatic plants
Simply put bass love aquatic plants in all there shapes and forms. It offers a variety of choices when it comes to food, shelter, breeding and protection.

. Junk fishing
There are often times of the year when no particular pattern can be isolated where the bass play hide and seek, but this doesn’t always mean there aren’t bass to be caught,

. Propeller slip - how it affects a boat’s performance
Propellers slides as it rotates and this means that each propeller loses a part of its performance. So, the difference between the theoretical and the actual distance travelled is called slip.

. SA Baars Mannenaweek - natter as nat
Wat vier jaar gelede begin het as ‘n groep vriende wat net die genot van baarshengel wou deel, het ontwikkel in ‘n wonderlike geleentheid vir manne wat saam met gesoute hengelaars in die bedryf wil skouers skuur.

-  Garmin ECHOMAP UHD2

. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results

. Wiggins Wins MLF Bass Pro Tour
. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. International Angling News
. Water levels in South Africa
. Gear Up