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April 2022

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“Ronin Harris, Boskop Dam, 3.372kg”
Image: Hannes Lindeque

. Rattlin' lures
As the water temperature starts dropping, bass start feeding heavily on baitfish in the shallows and in the back of bays, there is one perfect lure to use...

. The importance of pre-fishing
To pre-fish or not to pre-fish? That is a question I’ve been asked many times during the past twenty years that SA BASS has been presenting bass angling tournaments.

. Set the hook
I fell to my knees in total disbelief as a cold crippling state of shock inhabited my body. I did make history as anticipated...
. Ditching dinks - Avoiding small bass
It is awesome to go out fishing and catch bass, but after a few hours of reeling in nothing but small or tiny fish, well then it starts to work on some angler’s nerves.

. Soft Plastic Basics for Beginners
They are very effective in almost any water condition the angler might encounter. And, they are also relatively affordable compared to hard baits.

. Frogging fundamentals in South Africa (Part 1)
We are lucky in South Africa where the weather allows us to throw a frog almost the whole year. To achieve optimum success in frog fishing, let’s run over some basics:

. Heated waters - Bassing in warm water
Warm water that continues to heat up can be some of the most fickle bass fishing conditions you have ever tackled.

. Oppervlakaas in die herfs
Daar is soveel verskillende tipes oppervlak-ase en soveel verskillende maniere om elkeen te hengel dat ons as hengelaars behoorlik moet kophou om die korrekte een vir die regte omstandighede en toestande te kies.

. Five-rod challenge
I’m pretty sure most of us have heard our significant others say the words “You have too many rods, there’s no way you will ever use all of these rods”. Well this challenge is to prove them wrong.


- Angels Valley

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. MLF TBC Tournament Report
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. Angling News:Connell Wins Bass Pro Tour on Smith Lake
. Angling News: Alton Jones (Jnr)

. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. Water levels in South Africa
. International Angling News
. Gear Up