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Why is advertising in SA Bass cost effective?

Simply because it follows the ultra-modern "rifle approach" of the new millennium, rather than the discredited "shotgun approach" of the last century.

It is an approach that is working in a massive angling economy such as exists in the U.S.A.
It works here as well!

Why waste your advertising spend on "dead" circulation in a general interest publication? Rather make your ad spend work hard for you by show casing your message to a "live" audience who important reasons for actually taking the time to read your message. Namely they have a special interest in your product or service, and even more importantly, they have the means to actually buy them!

The sport of bass angling enjoys increasing popularity in South Africa. Demographic research * shows conclusively that bass angling is now the second most popular angling activity (the most popular remains freshwater bank angling for carp, merely because it is far cheaper and less physically taxing).

Numbers, however, are not the most important factor - it is the QUALITY of the bass angling participants that counts the most.

What's the point of advertising a high quality product or service to an audience that either has little or no interest in them, or importantly, cannot even afford them?

The readers of SA BASS are ALL avid bass anglers - otherwise they would not be readers. This means that your advertising message reaches the actual people who are potential consumers of your product - there is no wasted circulation! In addition they are the ones who can afford to buy!

-There is no point is advertising to a "mass" circulation if only a small percentage has the desire to own the product, and in fact has the disposable income to actually buy the product!


-Bass anglers are members of the upper socio-economic group (B, A and A+). They own homes with swimming pools, are computer literate and if they are not successful businessmen in their own right, hold down high-ranking positions in commerce and industry.

-Many own a second, holiday home, they use a purpose-bought vehicle for their bass angling, many own custom-made bass boats, they spend a lot of money on out-of-town travelling and accommodation, and of course use high quality, hi-tech fishing tackle and angling electronics such as sonar and GPS.


-By associating your company, product or service with this well educated and affluent community you will logically gain their goodwill, something that more often than not is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing one brand over another.

-Being an Advertiser in SA BASS provides this leverage, but apart from its obvious advantageous effect on the good image of your company, it places your product in a credible "shop window" that your specific target audience reads every month. To emphasise - there is no wasted ad spend!

-The equipment that a bass angler uses is not cheap (as you will know). While many may aspire to owning this quality of tackle, only a certain group actually has the desire or means to own it.

-By investing in SA BASS, you can rest assured that your advertising message is going to the right customer!


-An added benefit to advertisers in SA BASS is that the magazine includes the reproduction cost of adverts in the placement cost - there are no hidden costs! The magazine's graphic design staff will design and make the ad press ready for you. (Compare this to the repro costs in other publications).

-It makes good business sense to seriously consider using SA BASS when investing in advertising and promotion - it is a fertile marketplace!