February 2020

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On the cover:
“Charné van Rensburg with her new PB”
Image:  Dean van Rensburg

04. Spinnerbait strategies
Gordon Brown shares some super strategies for fishing spinnerbaits that have worked for him over the past 40 years!
12. What and why creature baits - Roger Donaldson
Crabs, crawfish, lizards, small birds, spiders and even frogs can be mimicked quite successfully with a creature lure.

14. Observations - Divan Coetzee
Observation is such a powerful tool. Picking up on subtleties, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time, will add to your reference framework. The broader your framework, the better you will be at making the most correct decision.

  1. Taking the heat
    February seems to bring with it both the best and the worst of times – weather-wise, that is, and also quite often catch-wise as well.
  2. Brush Hogs – how, when & where - Roger Donaldson
    The Brush Hog is a versatile plastic bait that can be rigged up and fished in countless situations when targeting both largemouth and smallmouth bass…
  3. Copy that bait fish - Jay Röhm-Williams
    Baitfish imitations have been many a bass angler’s “go to lure” in order to raise that bag weight and for obvious reasons.
  4. Timber - Part 4 - Roger Donaldson
    I’ve seen and tried numerous fishing techniques to get around the timber as efficiently as possible and have found a few tactics to work well.
  5. Drift or not to drift – Grant
    You can either continue to torment yourself fighting the wind to maintain your boat position, or you can submit to the elements and let the wind do the work for you!
  6. Using light line – Lionel
    Many of the all time great tournament anglers also turn to light tackle when times are tough and they are struggling to catch a bag.
  7. Op my houtbordjie - Philip Kemp
    In hierdie reeks deel ons graag ‘n paar truuks, of beter bekend as “hacks”, met ons lesers.
  8. Reservoir structures - Jay Röhm-Williams
    Dam impoundments are ideal location spots for big bass action with their high, concrete walls, sluice gates, rock-layered shorelines and deep sections of water.
  9. The importance of fishing line – Part 2
    If there is one thing I’ve learned from the pro’s when buying fishing line and prepping for a bass fishing occasion is that your choice of fishing line and the application is of extreme significance. There is no one size fits all if you are wanting to make a marked transformation to your catch ratio. –
  10. Kouefronte - Hannes Lindeque
    Wanneer dit kom by eksterne faktore en veral faktore wat swartbaarhengel beïnvloed, is kouefronte sekerlik een van die belangrikstes.
  11. Struktuur - Hannes Lindeque
    Daar is gewoonlik iewers iemand wat altyd beter moet weet en terme gebruik wat ander maar net in stilte laat. Van daardie terme wat gereeld opduik is “struktuur” en “skuiling”.

8. MLF & FLW merger
10. FLW Series returns to Cumberland

29. Gear Up
44. International angling news

04. My Cast
06. Readers-go-Bassing
34. Basics for beginners

26. Thatchers Rest
40. A day at Thuka Wetlands
46. Waar hengel wie