January 2020

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“FLW Tour pro-angler, Michael Matthee”
Image:  Hannes Lindeque

04. Plastic lizards
Fishing plastic lizards correctly can be very exciting and rewarding. Here is how. - Gordon Brown

08. Knot technology
Here are various knots being used to join braid to monofilament line.

  1. Fishing ledges
    Boat positioning in this situation is most important because the boat must be positioned in such a manner that you can successfully target bass holding close to ledges.

  2. Rainfall season strategies - part 2
    The tactics you use to make the most of flooded fishing areas are quite exciting and you can really get creative. To identify tactics we will need to paint scenarios - Roger Donaldson
  1. What a lily
    January means ‘midsummer’ and if I think of summer bassing, my minds reeling towards lily pads. These indigenous, aquatic plants become even more sort after locations when it comes to finding a lot of bass during the dredges of summer heat waves. - Jay Röhm-Williams

  2. Vloede en droogtes
    Gedurende vloede vind daar drastiese beweging onder water plaas. Dekking, plante en voedselbronne word verskuif en skep letterlik ‘n snelweg van vrye beweging regdeur ‘n dam of ‘n rivier se ekosisteem. - Philip Kemp
  1. Timber - Part 3
    One of our dams (an old flooded savannah basin) consists mainly of indigenous acacia trees beneath the water. This particular venue has a serious amount of timber structure to choose from and those visiting for the first time will be a little overwhelmed by choice. - Roger Donaldson

    20. Your first combo
    You are going on holiday but don’t want to spend a fortune on tackle, or you just want something for the kids to play around with. But, having the right combination of rod, reel, line and terminal tackle makes a big difference to your success rate. - Lionel Crow

  2. Live-well basics
    The death of a fish can be a delayed reaction due to oxygen debt, toxins in the bloodstream and infections. Make sure your boat’s live-well is adequate for tournament fishing. - Mark Bilbrey

    32. Sun protection
    One intense factor that constantly glares all anglers in the face has led to a simple conclusion, the importance of sun protection. Nothing makes your favourite dam look more miserable than a real, splitting headache when out bass fishing. - Jay Röhm-Williams
  1. The importance of fishing line
    If there is one thing I’ve learned from the pro’s when buying fishing line and prepping for a bass fishing occasion is that your choice of fishing line and the application is of extreme significance. There is no one size fits all if you are wanting to make a marked transformation to your catch ratio. – The Bass Spy

    44. Cast-for-Cash overall report – November 2019

29. Gear Up
30. New Suzuki DF200 outboard
34. Garmin wins awards at METSTRADE
38. Lowrance wins international reward
40. International angling news

04. My Cast
06. Readers-go-Bassing
21. Basics for beginners

26. In the footsteps of the giants
42. Waar hengel wie 
48. Sediba Kwêle