Apr'20 - Birthday Issue - 19 years

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“Fishing the sun”
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4. The wacky rig
The next time you are on the water and the bite seems to have gone off, hook on a wacky rig and see what happens.

8. Know your rigs
Before making your next cast; take some time to think whether you are using the correct rig. It would increase the chances of going from an average day on the water, to an incredible day.

14. The Fluke
In effect the fluke-type soft plastic was designed to imitate baitfish and was first used only as a jerkbait. Here we discuss tactics and colours.

16. Keeping it slow
Advising an excited angler to slow down their fishing pace sometimes is similar to asking the impossible, but perhaps a slower approach might just yield bigger rewards.

18. Top water action
Probably the most exhilarating experience an angler can ever have is the explosive top water strike. A bass that summersaults out of the water in order to get hold of the lure, is a sight to behold.

20. Flag Boshielo Dam
Anglers know Flag Boshielo Dam as Arabie Dam. It is a venue with a vast difference in landscape.

  1. 22. Beste tyd van die jaar
    Herfs kan in twee dele opgedeel word; naamlik, vroeg-herfs en laat-herfs. Hierdie seisoen bring ‘n ongekende opgewondenheid by die meeste van ons hengelaars. Sien waarom.
  2. 25. Tube baits
    The tube bait is a very versatile lure that can be fished in so many different ways and in a variety of conditions. Here is an alternative way to rig it.

    28. Jerkbaiting in autumn
    For those of you who own jerkbaits and think they don’t work I’d like to give you some food for thought. Every lure has its place and there will be times and places that will not suite a specific lure.

    How to launch a boat
    At first, the launching and trailering of a boat appears to be a difficult task, but in reality it is quite easy. Here are a few hints on how to.

    34. Tournament fishing and integrity
    There have been whispers behind hands of certain individuals that would stop at nothing to maintain a top spot in fishing, or to continue being the so called “Top Dog”.
  3. Fishing with crankbaits
    At first glance many novice anglers may shy away from the bulky nature of a crankbait, its hard glittering body and obvious, dangling treble hooks. It’s an ingenious creation and will produce bites like no other lure when you’ve rigged it on the correct fishing line.
  4. Palomar knoop
    Een van die belangrikste komponente tussen jou en die vis is jou vislyn en as jy ‘n swak knoop gemaak het, maak dit nie saak hoe goed óf swak jou vislyn is nie.

38. FLW Zimbabwe
44. Cast-for-Cash overall report – February 2020

25. Gear Up
26. Garmin anglers sweep top spots
40. International Angling News - Anthony Hawkswell

04. My Gooi
06. Readers-go-Bassing
24. Basics for beginners

42. Waar hengel wie – Noord-Wes