March 2020

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On the cover:
“A 6.33kg Albert Falls bass”
Image: Leon Fouché

04. Bassin' in heavy cover - Lionel  
On heavily pressured waters you have to look for fish in areas that other, less dedicated anglers overlook – such as extremely heavy cover.

  1. A fish of our dreams - John Badenhorst
    Albert Falls Dam has always been known for its monster bass that lurk in those depths. Many anglers over the years have tried to upgrade their personal best and succeeded while others have failed. It takes determination and time on the water to bring it all together.

    10. The Magic of the Stick Worm - Roger Donaldson
    The elongated torpedo shape and weighty nature of the lure lends itself to being able to cover water with long “whistling” casts. It’s also astoundingly accurate when cast or pitched to tight cover locations.

  2. Observations - Divan Coetzee
    In the second part of this article I'd like to discuss an observation which relates to soft plastics; especially colour and how it’s perceived by fish.

    14. Skuiling - Hannes Lindeque
    Skuiling oor die algemeen verwys na enige vorm van plantmateriaal asook enige mensgemaakte voorwerp. Kom ons kyk na voorbeelde en hoe om dit te benader.

    16. Bridges, docks and jetties under construction - Jay Röhm-Williams
    Any successful angler will tell you that locating ideal structure is a good way to start getting stuck into some decent bass. This in itself is a pretty broad statement and over decades has had eager anglers scrambling along shores in search for anything resembling cover.

    18. Timber - Part 5 - Roger Donaldson
    Nandoni Dam takes you by surprise at the camping and boat launching area because the full scope of its trees is not evident in the slightest.

    20. Op my houtbordjie - Philip Kemp
    Sodra ‘n vis wat aan ‘n handksaal hang tydens die weegproses begin stertswaai en ruk, kan die haak ernstige skade aan die vis se kieue veroorsaak. Hier is ‘n oplossing.
  3. Bassing in the darkness - Jaco Smit
    At around 20h00 that night things began to turn around. As it became darker I started noticing a lot more activity on the surface.

  4. Al die kleure van die reënboog - Philip Kemp
    Hoeveel van ons hengelaars stap nie by ‘n hengelwinkel in en word meegevoer deur al die variasies, kleure, geure en bekende handelsname wat klaarblyklik deur een of ander “pro” in Amerika met groot sukses gebruik word nie.

    28. That first bass - Adam Gouws
    There is nothing better than a day out bass fishing, especially when you get the opportunity to help others to experience the exhilaration that comes from catching their first bass.

    32. Analysing water clarity - Jay Röhm-Williams
    Bass adapt to whatever water conditions are present and if we as bass anglers want in on the action, we learn to adapt too. The most common watery scenarios we find ourselves facing are usually those of either clear, stained or muddy.
  1. Braided Line – The Bass Spy
    Although few beginner anglers may still not have tried braided line as yet the professional circuit are very well accustomed to its advantages.

36. FLW Namibia
44. Cast-for-Cash overall report – January 2020

26. Gear Up
30. Garmin's pro team expands
38. International angling news

04. My Cast
08. Readers-go-Bassing
21. Basics for beginners

42. Waar hengel wie
48. Bivane Dam Resort