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December 2019

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“Smallmouth Bass”
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Finding post-spawn bass
Where do the bass go after they spawn? Many are of the opinion that the post-spawn phase is the most difficult to navigate, especially if you targeting bigger specimens.
- Divan Coetzee

Rainfall season strategies
Many dams are going to be influenced over the next few months and the bass movements will be equally decided by the weather patterns. Using this information will be to your best advantage and can help you put more fish in the boat

- Roger Donaldson

Full moon bass
There are a few fundamentals to keep in mind obviously, ranging from safety precautions to some extra light needed but yes, catching bass at night does happen.
- Jay Röhm-Williams

Die Tokyo-strop
Alhoewel die Tokyo-strop my onwillekeurig laat dink aan ‘n verkorte weergawe van ‘n “drop-shot”, is daar tog daadwerklike verskille in die twee stroppe.
- Philip Kemp

Lay-down logs, uprooted trees, branches and brush piles are excellent structure, but they are not necessarily static and can often move around. Many of those lay-downs are not where they used to be and you'll need to go on the search now to find some.
- Roger Donaldson

2ft rod challenge
An awesome challenge was about to take place, with two “not so awesome”, possible consequences to follow. This was the day of our 2ft fibreglass rod challenge.
- Dylan Wheeler

Pass the salt
Artificial lures have formed a unique category in the history of fishing for decades. Their designs, shapes and colours are but a few aspects which have captivated angler’s interests in the pursuit of that ultimate catch. It’s not to say though that the lures used in the ocean are not to be utilised in the dams and vice versa.
- Jay Röhm-Williams

Wat koop ek die Kersfees?
My vrou verwys gewoonlik na ons visstokke as, “die rietbos in die waskamer”, maar daar altyd plek vir nog een.
- Philip Kemp

Kunsaas moet ‘n natuurlike kleur hê en die beste is om te sien hoe die vissies lyk waarop die swartbaars leef en hulle kleur asook grootte na te boots. Afhangende van die waterhelderheid moet kunsaas met ‘n ruk-en-pluk beweging ingebring word.
 - Hannes Lindeque

The interesting thing is that crankbaits will probably only reach that swimming depth if you have it rigged with the appropriate fishing line and if you are retrieving it correctly.
- The Bass Spy

The martial arts of bass fishing
Let’s step into the world of the martial artist and see what we can learn and apply to the art of bass fishing. 
- Jaco Smit

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