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12 Tips for Better Tackle Care

One of the biggest problems facing bass anglers is equipment let downs and failures. We tend to get so caught up in the day-to-day...

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5 Surefire Dirty Water Strategies

Some times we are faced with conditions that we do not like, conditions we cannot call, but

what will make the difference on how...

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Adapt your Seasonal Patterns

As you probably know seasonal patterns are the basic combinations of water depths, locations and feeding...

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Bassing in Winter

We cannot of course write anything about this winter (yet), but by the looks of things it’ll be much the same as the winter of last year...

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Beat the Heat

Often we think that Summer Bass are as difficult to catch as winter fish and at times this can be the case but not because Bass don’t...

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Blue Kurper

The Mozambique Tilapia, commonly referred to as the Blue Kurper or just the “Blue”, is one of South Africa's most common inland...

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Bluegill Sunfish

The Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus) is a freshwater fish specie sometimes referred to by Americans as “bream”. It is a member of...

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Canary Kurper

The Canary Kurper, commonly referred to as the “Kerriebek” among artlure anglers, is a species that bass will eat not only because of...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.1

First of all I would like to make it very clear that you do not have to have a R500 000 boat with R100 000 worth of electronics to...

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Contouring for Bass Pt.2

There will come a time when you are going to want more detail and accuracy from your maps. Unlike the Great Lakes of the United States...

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May 2016 – Issue 181

Now available in digital format – just click on the image!

ON SALE from 16 April 2016 

Available at tackle shops, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, C.N.A., Exclusive Books and Builders Warehouse


On the cover:
“An Inanda 5.14kg bass”
Image: Bryan Leppan


SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing. In this issue we focus on catching autumn bass.

“How to... Catch Lunkers”
After catching my new 5.14kg PB I thought it best to consider the facts and write on how to catch your own lunker at Inanda Dam. – Bryan Leppan

“Subtle Deep Water Hideouts”
I would like to highlight deep water areas that can add a whole new dimension to your bass fishing. It requires a completely different mindset for anglers who are used to the energetic ways of shallow water fishing, but will necessitate the same, if not more concentration over the hidden terrain you will be targeting. – Roger Donaldson

When you stand among anglers that’s on their way to fish a tournament and ask them if someone can tell you about the scrounger bait... they will go quickly change the subject. – Bennie Wiese

Lowrance 3D StructureScan – Rowan Timmer
What Sonar Shows – Bennie Wiese
Sensasionele Herfshengel – Philip Kemp
Back to the School of Bass – Gordon Brown
Autumn Topwater – Bennie Wiese
Kayak Bassin’ - Part 6: Pre-planning for Success – Dewald Viljoen
Tech or Techniwue – Kevin Lofstedt
New Dam, New PB – Jean-Michael Gravenor
Rod Bender – Paradise Awaits
International Angling News
The Bass Addict

SA BASS Cast-for-Cash tournament report
SABAA Elite Series

>> Lowrance - StructureScan 3D
>> Lowrance - The new Elite Ti-series has landed

>> Versatech Outdoor

BIRDING: “Lesser Swamp Warbler” by Joe Dreyer

“Backyard Bassin’ at Murray Park” – John Badenhorst

To learn more about the art of bass fishing, read SA BASS...