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January 2021

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On the cover:
“FLW RSA angler, JP Maritz”
Image:  Roan Smith


Bass on the rocks
Bass are structure orientated so to find bass you have to find structure. In this issue we discuss how to fish rocky areas.

Myths and misconceptions
There are generalities that bass anglers have come to take for granted but which may not be true scientifically.

What goes bumb in the night
Bass don’t sleep and if bass don’t sleep what does that mean? It means bass must eat. Similarly when we are on our way home from a late night out, what’s the first thing on our mind…

Blank outs - A blank bass day perspective
Two bassing buddies are all smiles as they enjoy the sunset together after a glorious day out on the water. Close by an avid bass angler stalks away silently passing them while dragging his rod behind him with his head facing down to the ground.

Winde van verandering
Ek het so ‘n tydjie gelede gaan rondkrap in die baarshengel-anale om juis uit te vind watter veranderinge die meer ervare baarshengelaars in hul tegnieke gemaak het om baars vas te trek. Soms was dit dan juis daardie klein veranderings wat man van muis geskei het.

Bass girls - A female angling tribute
Behind every great fisherman there’s usually a greater women and more often than not she’s even a better angler. In the realm of bass angling our ladies rarely need introductions and rightfully so as their catches speaks for themselves.

It’s not inside, it’s on top!
Een van die belangrikste ase in my arsenaal is ’n bo-loperaas. Of dit nou ’n Zara Spook, eierklitser (buzzbait), knalprop (popper), Crazy Crawler of paddas is, ek sal altyd ’n stok met ’n bo-loperaas gereed hê op die boot.

Top FLW bass pros
The top ten performers at the final event of the season of the Toyota Series Plains Division have given a revealing insight to the FLW website into the tackle that performed for them on Table Rock Lake, in the Ozarks.

FLW RSA national championship 2020
Fishing a three day tournament is by no means an easy task. Ask any professional angler and they will all tell you that in such a situation, it’s more about keeping your head in the game and following a very specific game plan.

FLW Namibia
With the last few weeks’ fishing being tough, we went into practice without any concrete plans. Most of Lake Oanob’s fish seemed to be in a serious post-spawn withdrawal and were not giving an inch.

Bassin' year round
One old saying is; "give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and he'll eat forever!"
Well, give an angler a finesse worm and he'll catch fish year round.

Vir die diegene wat daarvan hou om buite te wees en veral om vis te vang, is dit nou die tyd om vlakwater te teiken.

Cast-for-Cash tournament report

Garmin’s Ultra High-Definition transducers

My Gooi
Op my houtbordjie
Water levels in South Africa
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