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May 2021

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“Darryl Richardson”
Image:  Hannes Lindeque


. Topwater baits
There are many different ways of getting a bass on the hook, but none as exciting as topwater fishing. With so many soft plastic baits and methods of using them we sometimes neglect the older, but just as successful methods.

. Reel and line section (Part 3)
In this final part on rods, reels and lines we are getting to the part that excites me most. That being reels; especially gear ratios, spool diameter, bearings and more.

. Stocking your tackle box
(Part 1 – Soft Plastics)
Stocking your tackle box is definitely a personal thing and that magic arsenal of secret weapons found under the lid hopefully gets us the rewards we set out to find. Here are guidelines on how to refine or simplify your tackle box and make your bassing experience an easier one.

. Seasonal patterns for the wintertime
The seasonal behavioural and movement patterns of bass should be the same no matter where you are. Knowing that will give you a starting point on any given piece of water you may be fishing in.  

. What size?
What size lure to use has, and still is, a favourite topic when we get together after a day’s fishing. Here is the bottom line…

. Paddle tails
Soft plastic paddle tails are one of the most versatile and underrated baits on the market. They can be fished on a multitude of rigs and in any depth super shallow, incredibly deep and anywhere in-between.

. Autumn turn over
Following the thermocline and beyond; aanything that can give us an advantage in the bass world is welcomed with open nets and so we go down to the thermocline to explore the ‘turn over water.’

. Mannenaweek 2021
Wat ‘n voorreg is dit nie om in die baarsgemeenskap saam met ‘n klompie vriende net so ‘n bietjie agteroor te sit, die stad van jou klere af te stof, ‘n lyntjie nat te maak, en om ‘n bosveldvuurtjie te kan sit en gesels oor ‘n passie wat ons almal deel.

. Die “Slapskyfie-wurm”
Hierdie wurms, wat meer sou lyk soos ʼn slapskyfie (French fry), is so oud soos die berge self en het altyd vir groot pret gesorg omrede geen spesiale stroppe nodig was om hulle te hengel nie.

. Solo versus duo bass angler dynamics
There are definitely benefits and hiccups involved in deciding to fish alone, or to fish with a partner. So which is better after putting personal preferences aside?

. Boat-less angling
Not having a boat and fishing from the shore can also be very productive by following a few proven rules. This article concentrates on how to approach unfamiliar water.

. Gewigloos
In swartbaarhengel gaan dit daaroor om ‘n spesiefieke visspesie op verlerlei maniere met kunsaas te uitoorlê. Om dit te doen gebruik ons verskillende stroppe om by die omstandighede aan te pas. Een daarvan is om sonder ‘n gewiggie te hengel.

. Garmin BlueChart updates
. Yamaha

. Luminox announces partnership with MLF
. Thrift wins qualifying round at MLF in Raleigh
. MLF casts its line to Bass Fishing Television Fans

. Cast-for-Cash tournament report

. My Gooi
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Water levels in South Africa
. International Angling News
. Op my houtbordjie
. Basics for beginners
. International Angling News
. Gear Up

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