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June 2021

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“FLW RSA Champion, Wayne Louw, 3.675kg bass”
Image:  Hannes Lindeque


. How to… fish cover
If we follow the development of bass we can try and identify the structure and cover our bass will orientate itself to.

. How to… catch your next PB
Here are a few key points that can help you increase your chances of hooking into that once of a lifetime fish.

. It’s all in your mind
They say 50% of bass angling is done in the water and the other 50% is done in the mind. This statement could not be any closer to the truth and when you stop to think about it, it is true.

. Stocking your tackle box Hardbaits
For the purpose of stocking your box we’ll mention a few really good baits that will produce fish regularly during those ideal situations.

. Winter bass fishing
There are certain considerations to take into account, because bass, just like any other creature in the wild, does have seasonal behaviour patterns.

. Cold weather tactics
The next time you are out on the water remember these basic tips that could improve your trip.

. Die Eskimo ding
Ons moet aanvaar dat winterhengel nooit so maklik soos die ander seisoene kan wees nie. Vir die oewerhengelaar kan dit egter nog moeiliker wees, maar dit hoef egter nie so te wees nie.

. Stille waters, diepe grond…
Hoekom word ‘n groot swarbaar juis so groot en is groot swartbaars werklik so moeilik om aan te keer, of is dit net die hengelaar wat dit vir homself moeilik maak?

. Smack bang on it
For many bass hunters across the globe personal experiences of lost lures, line snags, colourful language and time stolen seems to accompany this concept more often than not.

. Improve your boat’s performance
Getting the right combination of your boat and outboard engine to work at their optimum is the secret everyone needs to know.

. Bass and sound
Keeping boat noise to a minimum and making the right lure choice, using the wind and wave actions to your advantage is always good advice.

. Texas rig
Hierdie strop word saam met sagte plastiese kunsaas gebruik wanneer die hengelaar in digte struktuur wil hengel.

. Garmin’s VesselView engine data


. Cast-for-Cash tournament report

. My Gooi
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. Water levels in South Africa
. International Angling News. International Angling News
. Gear Up