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September 2021

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“In memory of Alastair Chaz Vorster”
Image: Hannes Lindeque

. To spawn or not to spawn
During spawn is the best chance bass fishermen have at catching that illusive species, but it's also the most vulnerable time in a bass’s life cycle.

. Fixing short strikes on spinnerbaits
Short striking a spinnerbait is a common problem and here is how to fix it.
. Spawning cycle

Do you know in what life cycle the bass is at this moment? While you are busy determining that, you must eliminate the pieces of water that where they won't be.

. Sight fishing in spawn
Sight fishing can be very exciting and in addition, can be used as a valuable learning curve. It is definitely not always possible to sight fish as the conditions need to be favourable.

. Bass Maths (Part 3) Water colour class
 Water colour conditions are one of those super, influential factors worth studying when it comes to catching fish on any particular day. It breaks down our options and gives anglers vital information in order to see the answers clearly too any bass angling equation.

. The Wacky Worm
Conventional weightless presentations can be deadly, but it’s in the rigging of the bait that makes the Wacky style so unique and effective.

. Voor die broeiseisoen
Lente kan soms vier seisoene in een wees en swartbaars het verskeie rituele waardeur hulle in die broeiseisoen gaan. Daarom moet hengelaars by die vis se gedrag aanpas.

. Bad habits
Although somewhat tolerated to an extent in everyday life when bad habits start infiltrating into our bass angling sessions its best just to pull that plug early and reassess.

. R.I.P. - Alastair Vorster
Fearless… beast mode always on.

. R.I.P. - Christie Thomas
Sy het onlangs haar stryd teen kanker verloor, maar tog het sy op soveel gebiede ‘n groot nalatenskap gelos en daarvoor wil ons haar in hierdie artikel eer. 

. Fishing with faith
“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”

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. Garmin's new Apollo Series amplifiers
. Yamaha App

. FLW South Africa National Championship

. My Gooi
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie - Jiga-strop
. International Angling News
. Water levels in South Africa
. Gear Up