2021 October

October 2021

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“New PB”
Image: Muhammad Bulbulia

Cover Story:
I had the privilege of catching my new PB of 3.6kg at Disaneng Dam. The fish was caught on a weightless Senko. She was safely released.


. Spring is here
Many anglers are now focusing on spawning bass and are advising everyone else on how to approach their bassin’ during this time of the year. I’m no different, simply because I regard it as the most important time in not only the bass’ life but also my own.

. Understanding line for beginners
If you understand the characteristics of each line type and how it effects the action of your lure, and how it performs under certain conditions, it will make your decision easier.

. Air and water temperature
When adding in water temperature factors into our bassamatics sums let us break down water temperatures into three main depths…

. Small ponds vs. big dams
Small ponds versus big dams is an age old, bass wives tail that has debatably both pros and cons residing around each layout of water.

. Wie weet waar die weste wind waai?
“East is least, but west is best...!” So het 'n ou bekende altyd vir my gesê sodra die wind sou opsteek. Hoe gemaak as die wind opsteek? Die wind kan ons grootste vriend en selfs grootste vyand wees.

. Prepare for post spawn
With the spawn period coming to an end, the inevitable challenge of catching the elusive post-spawn bass now presents itself. When faced with post-spawn bass I look at the following criteria for my time on the water…

. Go small to catch big
Normally everyone says to catch big fish you need to go big. For sure, that is conventional wisdom, a tried and tested recipe, but I would like to differ.

. Simplify your spinning setups
There are many great reasons to use rods, reel, and line that are fine-tuned for a specific application, but there is also a case for keeping things simple.

. Maintaining your boat’s hydraulic steering
Regular inspection, preventative maintenance and fixing small problems before they become large ones are the keys to trouble-free time on the water.

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