2018 11 Nov

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SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing.

In this issue we focus on catching summer bass.

On The Cover:

“André Pretorius with a Bivane Dam bass”

Image: Darryn Brooks


“Managing Reputation”

Earning respect is about more than just catching fish – Sean Ostruszka

“How to long line a Crankbait”

Get deeper and stay there longer with this advanced manoeuvre – Tyler Brinks

“The rise of motorized kayaks”

Advantages and advice for adding mechanical power to your rig – Matt Ball

“Perfection lures”

Sure hook-up shaky head – Matt Williams

“Fishing the Luhr-Jensen Speed Trap”

This classic crankbait has quietly developed a rabid following among a small sect of anglers. – Tyler Brinks

“Smarter wacky rigging”

There’s more to a wacky rig than a simple worm and hook. – Rob Newell

“Dealing with changing water conditions”

It’s that time of year when many regions of South Africa will start receiving their summer rainfall. Unlike the Cape which will probably have ended, but what a fortuitous winter and spring rainfall was had! – Roger Donaldson

“Prey do tell”

Here is a crash course to what bass feed on and where to find them. – Jay Röhm-Williams

“Breaking the language barrier”

As editor of this magazine, I get to meet some truly remarkable people from all walks of life, especially during this past year with international anglers visiting during the World Black Bass Championship with teams from all over the globe – John Badenhorst

“Jou wedstrydplan vir vroeg somer”

Die post-broeiseisoen kan beslis ‘n kopkrapseisoen wees omrede baars reeds weer weg beweeg het uit die areas waar hulle die vorige week nog was – Phillip Kemp

“Lures and how to deal with current”

It was during a fishing competition and I was heading up river on the Vaal scouting for areas beneath large willow trees where I believed the bass will be hiding out. – Roger Donaldson

“Loskop Dam”

Situated around 40km from the Mpumalanga town of Middelburg is the picturesque body of water known as Loskop Dam – John Badenhorst

“Secrets of South Africa’s pro’s Water levels (Part-4)”

Very exciting times ahead for those who had time and opportunity to get a glimpse at what was beneath the water of the Cape dams when they were at their lowest water levels – Bass Spy


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Cast-for-Cash - tournament results

DESTINATION – Olifants River Lodge

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