2018 10 Oct

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In this issue we focus on catching spawning bass.

On The Cover:
“Ian Brown with a 3.495kg Bivane Dam bass”
Image: Darryn Brooks

“(Don’t forget about) Tubes for Texas rigging.”
This classic bait still has a place for shallow-water, power-fishing tactics. – Matt Williams

“Going to school”
Theories on bass schooling behavior. – TJ Maglio

“The light-line, long-rod program”
This might be a better way to fish finesse offerings – Matt Straw

“Secrets of South Africa’s Pro’s – Part 3 - Process of Elimination”
I remember my first few years at the helm of my first bass boat staring out over vast sections of water,  excited about what structure awaits me and the bass lying within. – Bass Spy

“Beat the heat – summer bassin’”
Many anglers believe that the height of summer is actually not a good time to catch those big bass that they might have missed out on during the prespawn and spawn – John Badenhorst

“Solo bass banking”
I am sure by now, seeing we are in the 18th year of the twenty first century, that all known aspects revolving around bass fishing have
been documented, videoed, blogged or conversed about it in most languages all around the world. – Jay Röhm-Williams

“What the season brings – Part 2”
Depending on what area of the country you’re in, you may already have had the main spawn at your local dam. – Roger Donaldson

“It is raining where?”
By now the budding of trees has passed and the fresh, new growth of spring is developing well – Jay Röhm-Williams

“How to rig and fish soft plastic stickbaits”
Bump into any of my closest bass fishing friends and they’ll attest to the fact that I have a thing for soft plastic stickbaits. – Roger Donaldson

“Prepare your boat”
It is spring… that means it is time to start prepare your boat for the next fishing season.


“Forrest Wood Cup 2018 Winning Strategy”
Little less than a year ago Clent Davis was contemplating giving up the sport of professional bass fishing for good. Now, he’s the Forrest Wood Cup champion. – Sean Ostruszka

“Live your dream. Forrest Wood Cup 2018, Lake Ouachita, Arkansas”
It all started in 2016 when South Africa became the fifth country to sanction FLW bass-fishing tournaments. – Hannes Lindeque

“FLW South Africa Championship 2018, Bivane Dam, KZN”
Fishing for bass for some of us is a passion, a lifestyle. We work hard every day to be able to unwind and relax over weekends to go and pursue those that dwell in the deep. – Johan Badenhorst & Darryn Brooks

“FLW South Africa Small Craft Championship - 1, 2 September 2018, Boskop Dam, North West”
Who are the best bass anglers… those fishing from boats, or those fishing from kick boats? – Hannes Lindeque

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