2018 08 Aug

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In this issue we focus on catching late winter bass.

On The Cover:
“Mokolo lunker”
Image: Anton Vogt

“Winter patterns”
Looking at the annual national tournament calendar it is evident that winter is no longer considered a time of year when bass cannot be efficiently caught. During winter there are a few advantages the angler can arm himself or herself with for more consistent results – Martin de Kock

“Flat-sided crankbaits”
A specialized crankbait for a more subtle approach – TJ Maglio

“10 Questions for Forrest L. Wood”
Get to know the namesake of FLW and the Forrest Wood Cup

“Boat Care 101: Simple Do-It-Yourself carpet cleaning”
If there is one thing I hate worse than seeing a nice bass boat with a filthy finish, it’s seeing one with dirty carpet. I like to keep my stuff clean, but not just because it looks good – Matt Williams

“Hair jigs tactics”
Make this classic jig work for offshore bass – Curtis Niedermier

“Essential skills – Fishing 101”
How to set the brakes on a baitcasting reel – TJ Maglio

“New spot, now what?”
New venues can be daunting with fish behaviour very much dependent upon a variety of factors – John Badenhorst

“How shallow can you go?”
The middle of winter is hardly the time to talk about shallow water fishing, but the truth is when there is warming water, cover or structure, and the attraction of food there is a good chance bass will be in close pursuit – Roger Donaldson

“Off the grid bassing”
Being a farmer has many advantages. Being a farmer who has a fanatic’s passion for bass fishing has even more. – Jay Röhm-Williams

“Back to “bass-“ics””
Nowadays there is an incredible amount of constant change occurring all around us. – Jay Röhm-Williams

“Soos Harmansdrup op ‘n Vadersdagoggend”
In die kommersiële wêreld van vandag het ek nog nooit veel aanklank gevind in spesiale dae wat aan sekere entiteite gekoppel word nie – Philip Kemp

“Winter – Calm before the storm”
Most of us tend to get into that Negative Winter Mode where we expect very little from our green friends, and this clearly is a mistake – Kevin Lofstedt

“Retrieval techniques - fishing frogs (Part 7)”
Let’s categorise the top three frog varieties so we can separate the retrieve required for each style of frog. – Roger Donaldson

“Adapting to changing conditions”
Winter fishing can be absolutely daunting and without homework or a good idea of how to work your approach, you might just miss out on some of the best fishing of the year – Raf Scremin

“Chungcheongnam-do shoreline assault (Part 1)”
In summer 2017, I visited renowned South Korean bass fishing guide and seasoned shore bass angler, Mr. Kang Hohyeong (field-staff of Daiwa South Korea) – Fishingboy

“Secrets of South Africa’s pros (Part-1)”
For the reader who is lucky enough to be exposed to this first article in a long series, I am going to let you in on the biggest secret that will change your bass fishing forever – The Bass Spy

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