2018 07 Jul

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In this issue we focus on catching winter bass.

06. “Change to Cranks”
Changing from other baits to a crankbait is a tough decision to make unless you are a crank fanatic and just fish them all the time – Lionel Crow

10. “Bivane Dam - When the fishing gets tough, you need to dig deep.”
Being born and raised in Johannesburg I’ve been fortunate enough to have fished most of the venues available to Gauteng and Mpumalanga anglers. – Johan van Coppenhagen

16. “Swim Jigging Winter Grass Lines”
Grass-fishing swim-jig technique: Let the jig sink to the grass. Swim the jig along the grass. And rip the jig free when it touches the grass.
– Curtis Niedermier

18. “Two Schools of thought on Tournament Preparation”
Doing it yourself and networking with other anglers are both effective means of preparing for a tournament, but which one is right for you? – Ken Duke

22. “Retrieval Techniques - Topwater Fishing”
In the previous issue there was an article on line selection for topwater lures which touched on examples of where these lures would be fished and selecting your line accordingly – Roger Donaldson

28. “Basic Rigging for Soft Plastic Baits”
It becomes a habit to insert the hook and rig a soft plastic lure perfectly straight – Roger Donaldson

30. “Essential Skills Fishing 101”
How to Tie A Leader to Braid. – TJ Maglio

32. “The Art of Flipping (Part 3)”
There are no ifs and buts when it comes to tackle and equipment for flipping to bass in heavy cover – Gordon Brown

34. “Baarsgedrag”
Alles klink altyd so eenvoudig. As baarshengel tog maar net so eenvoudig was, maar ongelukkig is dit nou nie so maklik nie. – Philip Kemp

36. “The Perfect Marriage...”
Relationships are tricky to say the least and as we all know, a slight difference of opinion can in some instances have dire consequences for a relationship. – John Badenhorst

42. “Big Water, Big Weather, Big Smallmouths (Part 2)”
Here are two more tips on how to handle rough water. – Fishingboy and David Swendseid (DUO Realis U.S.A)

>> Angling Recognised
>> Bass Cat Increase Production
>> New CIFTE Show
>> BC210 Bass Boat
>> Hayabusa Spin Muscle
>> William Chambers Dies

48. “SACRAA Survey Revealed”
The South African Consolidated Recreational Angling Association (SACRAA) has revealed that in 2017 total spending by an estimated 1.3 million recreational anglers contributed R26.5 billion to the economy.

05. My Cast
14. Readers-go-Bassing
42. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Report

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