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In this issue we focus on catching winter bass.

On The Cover:
“Big Water, Big Weather, Big Smallmouths”
Image: Dr Bertrand Ngim

The Forest For The Trees
How to deal with rising water and flooded cover – Rob Newell

“The Art of Flipping Part-2”
Flipping is not just another technique, but a philosophy in itself. Speak to anyone who is serious about flipping and you will find that there is a lot more than just swinging a bait on a fixed length of line using a longer than normal rod. – Gordon Brown

“Backyard Bassin’ – Boskop Dam”
Situated about 14km from the town of Potchefstroom and on the road to Carletonville, lies Boskop Dam with its crystal clear waters and incredibly aggressive bass. – John Badenhorst 

“Autumn / Winter... Where Did All The Bass Go?”
We are at that time of year again, the dreaded autumn and winter fishing – Gary Peter

“Keep That Showroom Shine”
How to protect a fibreglass boat’s finish. The right formula and procedure produces the eye-catching trademark sparkle we see on the showroom floor.  – Joe Balog

March Bass Fest
On average March is usually that time of the year when bass know that if they’re to be a desirable mate for that cute female/male/ transgender/gay or lesbian bass that hangs out near that willow tree, that they had better start packing on some weight for the winter. – Kevin Lofstedt

Crankbait Retrieval Techniques
Here are my top three days I’ve enjoyed and the small differences which significantly enhanced the days catch – Roger Donaldson

“Die Eskimo Ding”
Jy maak ‘n groot fout as jy dink dat die winter nou maar net die tyd is om jou stokke weg te pak en jou solank te begin voorberei vir naweke op die rusbank voor die televisie met ‘n beker stomende koffie – Philip Kemp

Line Selection – Top Water Fishing
Don’t write-off your top water lures over the next few months as there will still be opportunity in the warm afternoons and still waters to attract the attention of those larger fish ready for a big meal. Make a bigger difference to your catch by selecting your line carefully and get the best action out of your top water baits. – Roger Donaldson

The Strike Zone
I will explain the different types of strike zones, how to look for strike zones and taking advantage of different situations. – Gordon Brown

No, it’s not some strange acronym or a different version of WTF? Which incidentally means... Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... just to get your mind out of the gutter... LRF... meaning... Light Rock Fishing – John Badenhorst

Big Water, Big Weather, Big Smallmouths
My day at Lake Celilo’s east pool formally marks the third act of my smallmouth bass fishing adventure on the Columbia River where we will be striving to end on a strong resolution.

What The Fruck?
Many topwater anglers will have one or sometimes two rods permanently rigged for just the right moment... you know, those times when the sun is either about to throw it’s rays of warmth and light on a brand new day or those short hours before everything fades into darkness. – John Badenhorst

Mercury’s New V-6 FourStroke Outboard Line-up

My Cast
Cast-for-Cash Tournament Report

SABAA Junior Nationals – Vaal River 2018

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