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In this issue we focus on catching early winter bass.

On The Cover:
“Ronnie Thompson with a 4.22kg Midmar Dam bass”
Image: Richard

6. “The Art of Flipping Part-1”
Flipping is not just another technique, but a philosophy in itself. Speak to anyone who is serious about flipping and you will find that there is a lot more than just swinging a bait on a fixed length of line using a longer than normal rod. – Gordon Brown

8. “Bump in the Night”
Night time is usually that mysterious time reserved for ghosts and the creatures of nightmares. The saying; “things that go bump in the night” has always been reserved to horror movies and tales of the dark side. – John Badenhorst

14. “Kunsaaskleur”
Wat is die basiese kleure van kunsaas en wanneer sal watter kleur gebruik?

16. “Only One Bait”
A good starting place would be to take a quick look at the most successful baits over the years that have probably won the most tournaments and caught the most fish both here and abroad… then it may help you answer this trivia question for yourself. – Andrew Court

20. “Bassing Essentials”
One list we sometimes regret not writing down or implementing is what I would call "A non-essential fishing checklist". It's a contradiction in terms as items on the list are not always needed or very rarely but without a certain item; a lovely day out fishing can become your worst nightmare. – John Badenhorst

23. “Seasonal “Tips and Tricks
FLW seasonal tips and tricks other odds and ends for early winter bassin' – Paul Strege

24. “Jig Design”
Whether you consider yourself old school or modern, there’s something new for you in skirted jigs. That’s because many companies have reintroduced modern takes on classic designs, improved upon the basic elements of the jig and devised multiple technique-specific models to suit a variety of situations. – Tyler Brinks

26. “Etiquette, Strategy for Fishing in a Crowd”
Every now and then a pro finds a spot all to himself and cashes in for a tournament victory. When it happens, it makes a good story, but the truth is, pros – especially these days – rarely have any spot all to themselves. – Sean Ostruszka

32. “Backyard Bassin’ - Murray Park”
In this series we visit various bassin' venues suitable for small craft anglers. Over the Easter weekend, it was time to visit the little town of Nigel on the East Rand. – John Badenhorst

34. Trial & Error
Every angler that’s fishing a jig will agree that jigs can producer big bass when fished correctly and when asked to pick one lure, most anglers will pick a jig. – Bennie Wiese

36. “The Story of Line Selection for Crankbaits”
The most important consideration to make when selecting your line is that it needs to compliment the size of your lure. If your line diameter is too thick and ...” – Roger Donaldson

38. “As Baars Kon Lees”
Om bykans 80 baars met ‘n gemiddelde gewig van 1kg in 7ºC water te vang terwyl die meeste boeke sê baars gaan maar traag byt in sulke situasies, laat ‘n mens soms wonder oor wat dan nou werklik die waarheid is oor wat hengelaars sê rondom baarshengel en wat in die boeke geskryf staan. – Philip Kemp

40. “Retrieval Techniques for Soft Plastic Baits”
One would think that because we are able to coax bass into biting at a soft plastic lure that it would be easy to simply cast, retrieve and the bites would just follow. Not that easy is it. Turns out, bass are actually a lot more crafty than we know and a great deal of effort goes into the technique in retrieving the soft plastic lure. – Roger Donaldson

42. “Deep Cranking”
Using the correct fishing tackle for the specific techniques can play a major role in landing that big bass of a life time. Yes, and then that so called gut feeling, or natural talent, on deciding where and how an angler is going to fish for the day. – Bennie Wiese

44. “Bass Prey Fish of Southern Africa – Vlei Kurper”
The Vlei Kurper or Banded Tilapia is a standard food source for bass all over southern Africa and is commonly stocked in bass dams as a fodder fish. In this issue we look at their natural habitat and breeding habits. – Rudi Dreyer

44. “Kies die Regte Stok”
Vandag is veselglas- en grafietstokke in verskillende lengtes en diktes beskikbaar om in verskillende tegnieke gebruik te word. Hoe kies mens dan die regte stok? – Marlene Kemp

47. Garmin’s Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar
48. Mercury’s New 150 Pro XS Outboard

05. My Cast
12. Readers-go-Bassing
28. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Report

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