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March 2023

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“4.12kg Tzaneen Dam bass”
Image: Ruan de Jager

. Top water tactics and lure selection
The visual nature of presentation and strike has a certain additive property to it, and let’s face it, nothing beats the feeling as a bass explodes and destroys your lure. Fortunately, there is more to top-water fishing than just the visual appeal thereof.

. Where to find the baitfish
We need to find the baitfish to find good concentrations of quality bass. Here are some pointers on where one can expect to find some of the more common baitfish species in our water around this time of the year.

. Catch-and-release
Taking care of our bass is important to both the public image and the future of the sport. Unfortunately, there are too many anglers who wait too long before they bring fish to be weighed

Autumn bassin’
. Autumn brings shorter daylight hours, cooler nights, and most opportunely for us anglers the desire for a bass to begin actively feeding in order to increase its fat stores for winter. 

. Big plastic baits
Fishing a big soft plastic can be very different from what you might be used to! The trick is to know when, where, and how to fish the monster softies to attract those really big bites!

. Farm dam basics

Just because these rural, country waters look rather simple to conquer does not mean the bass residing there are easy pickings. Farm dams can differ largely in size and shape but…

. Deep offshore cranking
Deepwater cranking has been one of my favourite ways of catching offshore bass for many years. This was initiated by watching videos lent by other bass fanatics. 

. Simple autumn tactics
Bass anglers are constantly searching for new ways to do things and sometimes all we end up achieving is overcomplicating the situation. Let’s rather try keeping things simple. 

. Lipless fishing
Just the idea of running a lure through underwater grass with two treble hooks dangling from its belly may appear to be an act of madness by most anglers. But in fact, you want your lipless crankbait to come in contact with the grass.

. Submerged weed lines
Hidden in the submerged weed lines you will find three things namely oxygen, shelter and bass.

. Little Long Creek
. Hazelmere Dam

. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results
. MLF TBC Tournament Report

. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. International Angling News
. Gear Up
. Water levels in South Africa