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January 2023

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On the cover
“Neil Engelbrecht - MLF Toyota Series International Co-angler Champion 2022”
Image: Hannes Lindeque

. Enjoy your summer bassin’
Summer fishing can be a real challenge but if you understand where to find them and how to catch them, you will be motivated to find bass and experience some of the best fishing of the year.

. Fishing trick worms
I don’t know where the name “trick worm” comes from, but one thing I do know and have experienced is that these worms disappear before your very eyes.

. Baars se IK onder die vergrootglas
Baars se gedrag is eintlik so eenvoudig, maar tog is ons as hengelaars geneig om dit so gekompliseerd te laat klink. Het baars dan ‘n hoër IK waarvan baie van ons hengelaars nie weet nie?

. A different kind of work
“How can running bass tournaments ever be related to work?” is a query that people like us get asked quite frequently.

. BFS Frogging
BFS, or Bait Finesse System angling, has become all the rage amongst a small yet growing group of anglers globally.

. The reaction bite
When those bites die off and things are looking bleak, turn your game up and get that reaction you’re looking for.

. Frog fishing in Japan
Japan is at the forefront of research and development regarding bass fishing gear, techniques, and technologies.

. When the going gets tough
Getting a bite can be frustrating during days when the bass are inactive but finesse techniques can come into play on about every dam and be fruitful.

. Midday summer bassing
When you find yourself out bassing in the sun and you’re feeling the full effects of summer just remember the bass are there and you can catch them.

. Boat positioning
Now that I know my boat will be in the right position, I can keep spending all my attention on refining baits and colours to trigger the right reaction from our green friends.

. Bundu Bashing op ‘n drafstap
.24 MLF RSA Bass Angling Tournament Dates for 2023
. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results
.  MLF Toyota Series Championship report

. Mercury’s First V10 outboards

. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. International Angling News
. Gear Up
. Water levels in South Africa