2022 11B

November 2022

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On the cover
“New PB at Loskop”
Image: André Pretorius

. Bass and colour
Have you ever wondered why there are so many colour combinations on the shelves today, and whether it really matters what colour your lure is?

. Stained water tactics
When referring to stained/dirty/muddy water, it is worthwhile understanding exactly how or why a particular dam’s water has reached this state.

. Catch & Release
Practice catch-and-release and we all will have many more tight-lines in the future.

. Clear water tactics
When I employ clear water tactics, three key changes take place within my approach, namely lighter line, smaller baits and longer casts.

. Sight fishing for bass
Sight fishing can be the most exciting and frustrating fishing of all, but when stalking bass in the shallows it ignites an adrenalin rush like no other.

. Live-well basics
Here are some guidelines on how to look after your boat’s live-well to help keep fish alive with less stress until the final weigh-in.  

. Structure versus cover
The term is often used for the same thing, but in actual fact, there is a big difference between structure and cover.

. Get to the point
When it comes to productive targeted areas, tackling points for some great bass catches comes to mind without hesitation.  

. Kul jou hier en kul jou daar
Ek het so ‘n bietjie navorsing gaan doen en tot die slotsom gekom dat kullery baie meer algemeen onder hengelaars kan voorkom.

. Customize your reel
Many off-the-shelf reels have poor performance and by replacing stock parts can turn a good reel into a precision instrument for competition fishing.

. Solitary hot spots
The obvious and best spots at any venue will always be targeted first, even by yourself because let’s face it they often look too good to resist a cast or three.  

. Boat positioning
The trend is to come off the plane at 120km/h and glide into the spot, plunk down the trolling motor, make a few casts and leave soon after!  

. Walden Guest farm and Bass venue
. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results
.  Meet our MLF Toyota Series Anglers

. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. Gear Up
. Water levels in South Africa