October 2022

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“Diego Gomes, Bronkhorstspruit Dam, 3.468kg”
Image: Hannes Lindeque

. Fishing flooded timber
In the natural cycle, everything dies, but the impact of a riparian tree continues long after it topples into the water. It’s a case of “life after death”! 

. Match the hatch
The term used is a writer's way of saying that you need to offer the bass something that strongly resembles a food organism that is freely available at that time and that is actually being eaten. 

. Got to kick it up!
Custom bass boats are expensive and not all of us are at that place just yet to go and buy that dream boat. But that should not discourage or limit you to enjoy this beautiful and addictive sport of bass fishing.

. Power fishing for bass
With power fishing you are trying to trigger more big bites, staying in the strike zone longer and covering more water much faster.

. The ten second rule
Counting to ten seems to take forever, but in a bass’s world, for survival, it means a meal or staying hungry until another opportunity arises.

. Your “Fishfinder” - What do you see?
You may have bought this fishfinder with all its potential, and you’ve been given some rudimentary instructions but still, you haven’t got the faintest idea of how it really works!

. Improving your banking - How to be a better bass bank angler
Whether you’re a banker or a boater, we always come back to banks.

. Basics for the spawn
Pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn patterns are all around us, and as we all have been told by countless others, this is the time when you should have a good chance of improving your PB.   

. Hengel die hoeke
Ons fokus soveel op al die variasies dat ons een baie belangrike aspek van baarshengel heeltemal vergeet, die hoek waaruit jy die baars in ‘n spesifieke area benader.

. Fishing the flats - Facts on flats
When our calendars flip over to spring it’s that time again when targeting the flats will really start to pay off.

. Towing your boat
Towing a boat, or any trailer for that matter is not just a matter of hooking up and heading off. Specialist driving skills are needed and regulations must be observed.

. Senuwees van staal
‘n Nare gewoonte wat baie hengelaars het en waarmee ekself ook sukkel, is om te vinnig te hengel.

. Mambakloof, die hengeljuweel in die Vrystaat

. MLF TBC Tournament Report
. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results
.  MLF Team Series

. My Cast
. Basics for beginners
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Water levels in South Africa
. Op my houtbordjie
. International Angling News
. Gear Up