September 2022

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“John Short with a 4.325kg Arabie Dam bass”
Image: Hannes Lindeque

. The drop-shot rig

The “secret” of the drop-shot rig is that the action of the lure is produced by jiggling the rod tip.

. How to catch giants
Big bass does still exist, and are out there, but are just becoming more and more difficult to catch, which is why at weigh stations of most competitions we only see one or two big fish.

. Does scent work on lures?
Do you really believe scents work? If not you’d better start.

. The secret to targeting run offs
Look for run-off sections and there will be no reason you should miss out on some all-time, life-changing catches.

. Soft, plastic jerkbaits
Plastic jerkbaits are very versatile as they can be fished in so many ways, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

. Conservation
We cannot argue the fact that bass are relatively easy to catch during the spawn and we now regard the spawning period as a time in which to prepare ourselves for the post-spawn period.

. Lure Selection
You can spend hours going through all your kit, or wander the aisles of your local fishing shop, but have you ever tried actively selecting your lures based on a strategy? 

. Koue water
Gelukkig is ons winters net drie maande en kan ons selfs in hierdie ongemaklike tye swartbaars vang, maar dit verg net meer beplanning.

. Die lyn konneksie
Om in die moderne era die regte tipe hengellyn te kies en dit ook nog saam met die regte tegnieke te gebruik, kan intimiderend wees.

. Weedless tactics
Taking the weed-less lure approach this pre-spawn might just aid you in getting more fish to the scales than you expected and maybe even that PB you’ve been after.

. Finesse worming
Give an angler a finesse worm and he’ll catch fish year round. It can be used on spinning tackle to medium heavy bait casting tackle.  

. The bow & arrow cast
The bow and arrow cast being used by many fly fishermen can also be used with great success by bass anglers

. Privaatdamhengel - dit is wie jy ken.

. MLF RSA National Championship 2022
. MLF TBC Leg#1 - Buffelspoort Dam
.  MLF Team Series

. My Cast
. Basics for beginners
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Op my houtbordjie
. Water levels in South Africa
. International Angling News
. Gear Up