August 2022

August 2022

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“Bucket Mouth”
Image: Ziyaad Chand

Shakey-head jigs
Simple and effective the art of jig-worm fishing was born and today we know it more commonly as the ‘Shakey-head’. Although this technique is highly effective in many situations, it can be fished deep or shallow and in any type of cover.

. How to catch bass
This article deals with all the months of the year and will hopefully give you some insight as to what bass do at different times of the year, where they go, and what you should be using to catch them.

. Pre-spawn strategies
The pre-spawn period is not indicated on a calendar, or by the first warm day in spring as certain anglers tend to think; fisheries biologists believe that the pre-spawn period is triggered by two key factors.  

. Keeping your confidence
Retaining our self-confidence as bass anglers is often a make it, or break it scenario in our minds.
What happens when that bravado wears off?

. Rod positioning
An important part of successful bassing is the position in which you hold your rod. Does that really matter? Yes it does, more than you think.

. Dieselfde verskil
Is dit nog winter of het die lente reeds aangebreek? Is die tegnieke dieselfde of is daar ‘n verskil?

. Winter blues
Bassing is certainly a lifestyle and without a weekly fix, I tend to become rather brittle. I have had enough of staring out the window that overlooks the bay and frankly could not care less about the view.

. Fishing with braid
Braided fishing lines are good when fishing heavy water vegetation. The braid will cut through the stems of most of these plants.

. The next generation
Teach a child how to catch bass and you might have just inspired the next bass angling champion! Children are the future no matter which way you look at this statement.

. Hook shank size
Did you notice that some baits have short shanks instead of the usual long shank treble hooks? I believe that both types of hooks can play an important part in crankbait fishing.

. Molix Italië besoek Suid-Afrika

. Bass Bay

. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results

. First Female National Champion

. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. International Angling News
. Gear Up
. Water levels in South Africa