May 2022

May 2022

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“3.41kg PB at Theewaterskloof”
Image: Juan van Zyl

. Turnover water
I went delving into my logbooks and albums for some instances when I did encounter turnover water and still managed to land a bass or two.

. It is your obligation!
While every aspect of the sport grows around the bass, has the population of bass grown enough to support the addiction? The answer is “no”!

. Fishing with jigs
The jig is supposed to imitate a crawdad that is plentiful in the USA, but not so common in South Africa, so why would they be so effective out here?

. Frogging fundamentals in South Africa (Part 2)
In this edition we dive deeper into the fundamentals of frog fishing and discuss which frog should you use, frog modifications and storage

. Winter bassing for the new angler
Don’t be fooled, winter bass fishing is no easy feat. The angler that wants to go look for a fat winter bass, must be prepared to spend quite a bit of fishless hours on the water.

. Soos ‘n dief in die nag
Soveel van my vriende aanvaar maar net hulle lot om ‘n kleiner baars aan te keer. Soms moet jy dink soos ‘n dief!

. Find the drop-off
Understanding bass behaviour allows us to understand why drop-offs work so well when looking for stubborn fish.

. When bass attack
Most of us know that bass love to either ambush their victims from out of nowhere or chase down prey quickly. True, but there’s other approaches bass will take towards food as well which don’t all involve swimming at high speed

- Monelieschke Boerdery

- Hall of Fame

- Specimen Inflatables

. Lane Wins 2022 MLF Redcrest Championship
. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Report
. Cast-for-Cash Tournament Results
. TBC Tournament Report
. My Cast
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Basics for beginners
. Op my houtbordjie
. International Angling News
. Gear Up
. Water levels in South Africa