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February 2021

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On the cover:
“Arabie Bass”
Image:  Saeed Valjie 

. Summer bassin’ for everyone
Summer is a great time of year for anyone to get into bass fishing, including your friends or family members. The weather is for the most part pleasant, and the visible daylight hours stretch to a maximum during this time.

. Bass in the grass
Grass provides ideal habitat for all sorts of aquatic organisms, so it is a veritable larder for a bass. Where you find grass, you are sure to find a bass as well.

. What’s that feeling?
Bass do have mood swings and understanding the reasons responsible for behavioural change in bass can improve your success in catching them.

. Pre-fishing philosophies
Is fishing random or is it about being lucky? Let’s stop speculating and look at the facts (and myths) on the subject.

. Fisherman's heart
What is it that got you hooked on the sport? What is it that keeps us there for decades; there are so many different variables; heck maybe even a combination of them all.

. Catch bass in shallow, dirty water
Bass adapt to change and so must we. This is the time of year that we need to find those hideouts and make little, subtle changes.

. Finding the pattern  
Patterns are not something you can easily predict or even find sometimes. Fish don’t follow the same text book we do. They don’t know that they are supposed to eat…

. Baars in Blikoorland  
'Blikore' is die manier waarop ons rugby-voorspelers se blomkoolore beskryf. Die Vrystaat het in die verlede 'n paar legendariese spelers opgelewer, en die 'Vrystater' word met trots 'Blikore' genoem.

. Those amphibians: Know your prey – frogs and toads  
In order though to truly understand why these lures or baits work so well we have to take a closer look at the actual life of these awesome creatures and why bass love munching them.

. Crankbaits basics  
A beginner can be overwhelmed by the selection of crankbaits that are available at tackle stores. Here are some guidelines on what to focus on when starting out.

. Organize your boat
There is nothing more frustrating than looking for that specific lure and not finding it. These tips have helped me and I believe they can help the readers.    

. Rods, reels and line
In this article I would like to pass on what I’ve learnt from my dad and share my knowledge that I’ve built up through the years as a competitive angler. 

. Tournament tactics
How to… prepare for a tournament. To make a tournament as comfortable as possible for yourself you have to prepare properly. Here are some things that I do.   

. Gehoek
Gewoonlik vang jy jouself wanneer jou aandag afgelei word, probeer snaaks wees of wanneer jy die vis uit die water lig met die klomp hoeke in sy bek en hom nie behoorlik vasvat nie.

. Lowrance Active Target

. Bass Lake Lodge

. My Gooi
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Op my houtbordjie
. Basics for beginners
. Water levels in South Africa
. International Angling News
. Gear Up