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March 2021

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. How to… pick a rod
A rod is a very personal thing and not everybody agrees with everybody. My assumption over the years have led me to delve into rod dynamics a little more to help me understand them.

. How to… fish crankbaits effectively
There are many times that crankbaits will out fish other lures on a regular basis and have become the “go-to” baits for many top pros under many situations.

. Shake, rattle and roll - A lure movement review
If it flops, pops, twitches, splashes or dashes you can guarantee you’re going to be drawing some bass attention, but to get that follow through commitment there has to be more too it.

. How to… swim a jig
When bass are lethargic and the bite is slow, a jig worked methodically on the bottom can be deadly, which is perhaps why so many anglers regard a jig as a lure only to be used in such a situation.

. Reën, reen lieflike reën
Die belangrikste elemente wanneer ons in die reën hengel is egter om te verstaan hoekom baars juis in reënerige omstandighede anders reageer.

. How to… reduce line twist
Line twist is perhaps the single most common problem associated with spinning tackle. Severely twisted line springs off the reel spool, catches in the rod guides, spoils an otherwise good cast, loops around the spool, and/or becomes overwrapped

. Rising water levels
Changing water levels can present some challenging fishing conditions for the bass angler, but a few major factors can be considered in order to narrow down your search during rising water levels.

. In between it all - A search for transitional locations

In order for a stretch of cover or area of water to qualify as a suitable, transition location bass congregate around four main, favourable factors.

. How smart are bass

Bass can remember "important" facts, places, and events for long periods of time: not just a few minutes as some believe.

. Paddas en prinse
Die meeste van ons het al met paddas gehengel en ek is seker dat ʼn menigte van ons baarshengelaars hulle weer net so vinnig weggepak het as die baars nie in die ase belangstelling getoon het nie.

. Late summer bass fishing
It is late summer and I break this pattern into two sections: late summer and almost winter. Fishing this time of year can prove challenging, but it's not impossible.

. Jerkbaits
Dit is slanke klein vissie wat vaartbelynd gebou is. Dit boots die klein vissies na wat onlangs uitgebroei het en nou in die vlakwater rondswem.

. Lowrance SA wins international award
. MossBack Fish Habitat


. Cast-for-Cash tournament report

. My Gooi
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Op my houtbordjie
. Basics for beginners
. Water levels in South Africa
. International Angling News
. Gear Up