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April 2021

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“Double up at Loskop Dam”
Image:  Jacques Loots 


. Reel and line section
Line choices are even more personal than rod selection. There are many variables that help you decide which lines to use.

. Knock-knock
If there is one piece of cover that acts as a magnet for both bass and bass fishermen alike, it would have to be wood!

. Stacking the deck
Bass feeding patterns are not a finite constant. Bass have loads of different behaviour patterns at different times. Some days they will be facing the ground looking for crabs, other days they will be facing upwards looking for unlucky bait fish.

. Floating worms
The floating worm… it’s a lure that not many anglers use. You can rig it in a variety of ways, fish it at just about any depth off the bottom, or even on the surface.

. Bass cannibalism
So is the simple explanation of ‘bass will eat anything’ a conclusive summary of a fish willing to assault everything, or is there more to it?

. Lekker hengel in herfs
As jy ook een van daardie hengelaars is wat glo om baars nie in die broeiseisoen te teiken nie, is herfs beslis die seisoen vir jou.

. The 6th sense - Lateral line fundamentals
In this issue I aim at enlightening bass enthusiasts to not only better understand the role of the lateral line, but to use the information to progress ones angling abilities.
. TBC Challenge accepted
In this tournament, anglers use only three forms of power, those being; paddle, kicking or a small electric motors.

. How to… fish lily pads
Lilly pads are arguably one of the best types of cover a bass could hope for and with good reason. Pads provide bass with practically everything they need

. Carolina rig
Daar is verskeie stroppe wat swartbaarhengelaars kan gebruik; elkeen met sy eie voor- en nadele. Dis belangrik om te weet wanneer om wat te gebruik.

. Garmin’s Q4 growth
. Shimano 100 years
. MLFLW and Wiley X


. Cast-for-Cash tournament report

. My Gooi
. Readers-go-Bassing
. Letter to the editor
. Water levels in South Africa
. Op my houtbordjie
. Basics for beginners
. International Angling News
. Gear Up