2019 10 Oct

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“Top water bite”
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Jerkbaits after the pre- spawn - Matt Williams
Jerkbaits have developed a rich history of exploiting staging bass in late winter and early spring, but some pros have learned that pre-spawn isn’t the only time when the rhythmic dance of a hard-body minnow can help you add some big weight to the live-well.

How close is too close? - Jim Tutt
Like it or not, dealing with crowds is part of tournament fishing. We all share water, and we all need to handle encounters with other anglers in a way that’s fair and respectful.

Smoking the grass for bass - Roger Donaldson
Smoking the grass is a term that describes a fast method of retrieving your lure. To “burn” the lure on your retrieve would be the same thing.

Mojo-rig fishing - Richard Dunn
One of the most efficient ways of finesse fishing is arguably the Mojo-rig. The Mojo-rig can be used to fish all types of structure.

Cold fronts - Gordon Brown
A cold front is probably the most used excuse there is for failure to catch bass. It has destroyed more patterns and crushed more dreams than all other weather situations combined.

Secrets of South Africa’s pros: Line Signals
Experienced anglers can tell when a bass is biting. For them it is unmistakably compared with various other strange, subtle movements in your line.

Baars & blyplek - Philip Kemp
Waar soek ‘n hengelaar nou eintlik na baars in ‘n dam of rivier wat nie aan die hengelaar bekend is nie? Die meeste van ons kom gereeld in aanraking met waters wat vir ons heeltemal onbekend is.

Bass in the wind - Jay Röhm-Williams
You can either love it or leave it but there is nothing you can do to change it. Wind… It’s a factor we all have to encounter at some stage of angling and we bass anglers literally have to suck it up to make the most of it or lose out.

Interne faktore - Hannes Lindeque
Behalwe vir die regte toerusting en gerei is daar ook ander faktore wat swartbaarhengel beïnvloed. Die geleerdes praat van interne- en eksterne faktore wat verwys na faktore binne en buite die water.

Drop me off - Jay Röhm-Williams
Where we are going to cast our attention to in this article is focusing on different forms of drop-offs and looking at why these areas are absolute hot zones to target during the spring months.

Water resources and flooded ecosystems - Roger Donaldson
Bass fishing is a very dreamy affair for me. At a guess it’s the thought of hidden structures and an unintended creation of an underwater environment which evolves when you flood an ecosystem.

#Hand-line challenge - Dylan Wheeler
There many different methods of catching bass, some conventional and others... well not so much! We decided to take a not so conventional method and put it to the test! For what is fishing without a little challenge?

Jerkbait fever! - Rudolph Venter
While many anglers turn to soft baits during this time, I find that one doesn’t cover water nearly as effectively as when casting jerkbaits. Jerkbaits also have the tendency to trigger a pressured bass into submission.

Fishing could ruin your holiday - Jaco Smit
Three days into your vacation your wife isn’t talking to you and the kids start nagging because they are bored. Why?

Morning, noon and night - Hannes Lindeque
You may be struggling to find sure footing for where to start with this new and wonderful hobby. But have no fear for here are a few guidelines to help you get started!

FLW RSA National Championship 2019 - Hannes Lindeque

Letter to the editor
International Angling News - Anthony Hawkswell
Basics for beginners

De Voetpadskloof - Philip Kemp

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