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Glide baits - Matt Allen
Glide baits have blurred the line between the average angler and the trophy guy. The old rules about giant rods and fishing for days between bites are gone.

FLW Cup Winner
– Curtis Niedermier
Everyone knew it was only a matter of time, and that time is finally now. Bryan Thrift is an FLW Cup champion.

Technicalities of the spawn - Divan Coetzee
We as anglers can benefit greatly by understanding, and correctly interpreting bass behaviour during spawn.

Secrets: Don’t waste time 
Polarised sunglasses are very beneficial around the spawning season because the activity of life in the shallow depths is so incredible.

Lentetyd is hengeltyd - Philip Kemp
Een van die belangrikste dinge wat hengelaars moet onthou is dat die vroeglente en lente soms vier seisoene in een kan wees.

Farm dam tactics and sweet spots - Roger Donaldson
Fishing from the bank requires the same if not more agility and deftness in order to successfully stalk bass.

Bass ‘eye’dentification – sensible insight - Jay Röhm-Williams
In the turbulent worlds of bass and angler there is no difference between how vital vision really is.

FLW Angler of the Year - John Badenhorst
During a recent interview I did via telephone with David Dudley I had the opportunity to find out more about his strategy when it comes to fishing.

Cover me - Handling heavy cover from the shore - Jay Röhm-Williams
The fishing might start to become easier but during the beginning stages of spawning, bass are still going to be hugging those slightly deeper sections of water closely.

Pre-spawn & bedding tackle - Roger Donaldson
To increase your chances of catching bass you can choose from some different lures than your plastic variety. Let’s take a look.

Catching with candy - Dylan Wheeler
Max and I recently popped into our local candy store to determine which “bait” would work the best.

Spioenkop Dam on a kayak - Ivan Sonnekus
As I approached the rocky sections I tried fishing with a football head jig bouncing off the rocks and crawling on the bottom hoping for that big momma to pick me up. 

Swaailemme - Hannes Lindeque
Swaailemme is die eintlike aas wat enige hengelaar regdeur die jaar, enige plek, enige diepte kan gebruik en nogsteeds sukses behaal.

Unlawful gillnetting in South Africa - Philip Kemp
I caught up with advocate Bernard Venter in an exclusive interview to find out more about unlawful gillnetting in South Africa’s freshwater systems.

Mike Long: a fallen icon - Divan Coetzee
Mike Long – a name synonymous with big bass catches, America's “best” trophy hunter, exposed!

Solly’s Angler’s Corner  

FLW Cast-for-Cash tournament results – July 2019  

My Gooi
Basics for beginners


On the cover:
“Matt Allen”
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To learn more about the art of bass fishing, read SA BASS...

To learn more about the art of bass fishing, read SA BASS...