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SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing. In this issue:

How to catch Lunkers
In reality there is no fool-proof solution to specifically target five kilo fish at and they certainly aren't caught on the regular. Some key features to consider when targeting big fish are… - Bryan Leppan

Understanding presentation
Presentation has two aspects; what are you presenting, and where are you presenting it too? The “what" refers to bait selection and the “where" refers to structure or cover. - Divan Coetzee

Secrets of South Africa’s Pro’s: Pre-Spawn
This is always a most exciting time of year for bass anglers as they consider the changing season and the arrival of pre-spawn bass activity. It is the one time period where anglers can boost their confidence levels. - The Bass Spy

Holpaddas versus sagte plastiekpaddas
Een van die interessantste scenario’s is sekerlik tydens hengel tussen watergras en –plante, soos lelies. Een hengelaar kan besluit om ‘n holpadda te gebruik, terwyl die ander moontlik op ‘n sagte plastiekpadda kan besluit. - Philip Kemp

Honey holes and sweet spots
A “honey hole” could be an area on the day which is attracting a lot of bass, but what is a “sweet spot”? - Roger Donaldson

Ready, set, strike! Don’t miss that bite
It can be incredibly frustrating or perhaps even competitively costly missing that moment where you needed to strike and failed. One has to know when and how to strike confidently into green bass gold, no matter what bite action is displayed on the day. - Jay Röhm-Williams

Daar is ‘n regte en verkeerde manier om die vis te hanteer. - Hannes Lindeque 

Winter strategies for catching lethargic bass - Part 2
We look a little bit more in detail at the proven methods of targeting these elusive fish we all love so much. Let’s start with a bait that is pretty easy to fish and master… - John Badenhorst

Fly versus spin - Searching for a winter take
The two most successfully, recognised angling art forms for catching bass are fly-fishing or spinning and this winter we briefly explore both! - Jay Röhm-Williams

Pre-spawn & bedding tackle – Part 1
The spawning season demands a great deal of attention to detail if you want to make a success of targeting bass at this time. There will be some very interesting lure options that will become far more accepted and you may need to break away from your norm. - Roger Donaldson

Rumble at Rusties
Though fishing can be very difficult when the cold sets in – it can also be very rewarding. Often you won’t catch the numbers one gets in summer, but you have a good chance of hooking up with a few bigger bucket mouths. - Rudolph Venter

Stroke of the paddle - Part 2
Everyone that wants to get onto a kayak for the first time has the fear of getting wet. In this issue we look at scupper holes and transporting your kayak. - Ivan Sonnekus

Herwinning met Schalk Walters
Die belangstelling vir die maak van sy eie plastiese aas het begin toe Schalk besef dat daar soveel stukkende plastiese ase verlore gaan en net weggegooi word. - Philip Kemp

Dead of winter twitching
This time of year look for giant thick weed-lines, near deep water. The weed lines that stay greener longer will be best as they continue to release oxygen. - David Swendseid

Bassin' Kids adventure camp
Today most children are so caught up playing video-games, or spending time on their phones that they don’t know what it is like to be children. - Hannes Lindeque

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Loksop Bielie”
Image: Johann Zwarts

To learn more about the art of bass fishing, read SA BASS...


To learn more about the art of bass fishing, read SA BASS...