2019 07 July

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The shallow wood in winter pattern
When the water gets in the 40s and it gets cold, if you catch a sunny winter day, when it’s calm and the air temps creep up, a lot of times those fish will get up on isolated cover, really shallow, and you can smash them… - Curtis Niedermier

Video game cheat codes
Each fish you encounter is different, and there are subtle clues in the way they act that suggest the best move to trigger bass to bite - Tyler Brinks

Seasonal changes and effect 
To help the reader better understand bass and bass fishing in general, we need to look at the basic fundamentals; namely location and presentation, and how it is affected by seasonal change. - Divan Coetzee

The dangers of hypothermia
I have been witness to two accounts where my fishing partners went into hypothermia. It is a life threatening experience and here is some valuable information on how to prevent, identify signs and symptoms, and provide first aid. - Gordon Brown

Middle of winter, or is it? 
The winter solstice marks the beginning of lengthening days and shortening nights. For the bass angler this will mean a whole lot, but depending where you are on the continent this could be a number of varying things. - Roger Donaldson

Die draaispoel- vs die koffiemeulkatrol
Beide katrolle kom egter tot sy reg in die korrekte omstandighede, maar hoe vergelyk hierdie twee tipes katrolle met mekaar? - Philip Kemp

Two tales of winter
Bass are still remarkably hungry when it’s cold, but you will have to change your fishing strategies. - Roger Donaldson

Winter rain action
In the Cape province there is a lot more rain than shine, so let us explore why this ‘magic time’ could just be the encouraging reason needed to help you make the most out of the wet, winter weather. - Jay Röhm-Williams

Daar is drie vrae wat hengelaars altyd vra, naamlik; wanneer, waarmee en waar? - Hannes Lindeque

Winter strategies for catching lethargic bass 
Winter fishing is mentioned in many articles by anglers from around the globe - not for the faint hearted. It takes a certain amount of determination to head out in the dark icy winter, launch a boat in freezing water and have the patience to slow everything down in order to catch the elusive winter bass. - John Badenhorst

All for bass 
Bassin’ is a form of freshwater angling like no other… which brings joy, excitement and glory to people of all ages leaving them only begging for more when it is time to head home. - Jay Röhm-Williams

Post-frontal weather conditions
Bass are particularly sensitive and far more aware of you during post frontal weather. This tells you a great deal about how you can prepare for your day ahead. Let’s take a look at everything you can consider. – Bass Spy

What makes a good art-lure angler? 
There are many different aspects that can be determining factors in your success with rod and reel in hand. This is especially true when it comes to catching fish on artificial lures. - Evert Laubscher

Spotted bass in the Overberg
The spotted bass looks very much like the largemouth bass, but on closer inspection there are a few distinct anatomical differences that help to distinguish between these two species. - Evert Laubscher

Stroke of the paddle (Part-1)
People out there that are keen to try out a kayak for the first time might have a load of concerns and questions. This article will cover some key concerns and possible questions you might have. - Ivan Sonnekus

44. Cast-for-Cash report 

04. My Cast
39. Basics for beginners

48. Sediba Kwêle

Taken on De Hoop off a deeper tree line”
Image: Divan Coetzee

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