2019 06 June

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8. Small subtle swimbaits
Finesse fishing doesn’t always mean dragging a worm on bottom. Small swimbaits offer a great finesse option too, and they work from the surface to the lake floor. - Curtis Niedermier


10. June buzzbaits
Early June is not too late to throw a buzzbait, says Keystone Light pro Jeff Sprague. Granted, Sprague lives in Texas, where winter doesn’t really arrive until June or July most years. He says that as long as the water temperature is right, a buzzbait is a big-fish killer in the late season. - Curtis Niedermier

12. It is winter
Winter fishing for bass can and will be of the toughest we will experience but this does not mean that we won’t be rewarded for our efforts. It’s true when some anglers mention that some of their biggest fish have been caught during the cold winter months. - John Badenhorst

14. Clear days are coming
Clear days although wonderful weather to fish in can also present some challenges. It’s the time when bass are most easily spooked… Structure is quite an interesting factor to consider around this time too. - Roger Donaldson

16. Die fluke vs. die grub
Ek het twee ase gekies wat oor die algemeen, in meeste omstandighede beide baie goed werk, maar tog so baie van mekaar kan verskil. Die groot vraag by die meeste hengelaars, is egter: “Wanneer, en in watter omstandighede?”… Ons gaan so ‘n bietjie daaroor gesels. - Philip Kemp

20. Social media and the bass fisherman
Many have seen those posts, and maybe you’ve even made one before; it normally goes something like this: “Hi everyone, my buddy and I want to go catch some bass tomorrow. Where is the best spot and with what can I catch them?” - Divan Coetzee

22. Vislyn
Daar is inderwaarheid vier groepe vislyn. Elke groep het sy eie voor- en nadele wat elke groep dus geskik maak vir sekere swartbaarhengeltegnieke. - Hannes Lindeque

24. It’s De‘bait’able
The point of this article is to provide anglers with peace of mind around their choice of lure. You often try so desperately to find out what lure is working most effectively and you actually end up forgetting about looking for the bass itself. - Roger Donaldson

26. Close bass combat: Encountering action
Wading for bass is now more ideal than ever for bank anglers looking to target the depths rather than the shallows, but the price of enduring chilling conditions must be paid. In this final chapter of the strategy of wading series we wade straight into the excitement, exploring all areas and factors involved when one is seeking to encounter bass action. - Jay Röhm-Williams

28. Let's go weightless
The best possible way to target bass is using a weightless method. Not only does it snag less than other methods or rigs, it also forces us as anglers to slow down on our retrieve and in some cases to simply dead stick the lure. - John Badenhorst

30. Bass camo
I am sure at some point in your personal, bass angling journey you have wondered why some bass caught at different locations vary in colour, yet they are the same species. - Jay Röhm-Williams

32. Secrets: Considering Pre-Frontal Weather Conditions
A good look at the weather the day, or a few days before will make all kinds of differences because life beneath the water is particularly sensitive to a drop in atmospheric pressure. Fishing just before the front is most often particularly good.

40. Paddles and plastics
Ultimately owning a kayak is a load of fun and there is always an adventure to be had with a kayak, from going to explore new dams, or finding remote spots on previously fished dams. - Ivan Sonnekus

44. How to custom make a lure
Perfecting a custom crank is a lengthy process. Here are 7 steps how to do it. - Arnay Small

46. How to grow your own fishing partner
Spending quality time with loved ones while enjoying some good fishing builds a lasting bond and creates memories we will treasure for many years to come. - Jaco Smit

35. Cast-for-Cash report
36. FLW Zimbabwe: 2nd Qualifier – Biri Dam
38. FLW Zimbabwe High School Competition
39. FLW TBC Kampioenskap 2019

11. Zimbabwe & Namibia joins FLW

04. My Cast
06. Readers-go-Bassing
34. Basics for beginners

48. Thandabantu Game Lodge

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