2019 04 Apr

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SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing. In this issue:


  1. SA BASS magazine – history & achievements
    What better way to view the pages of any great story than by having it told by the creator and publisher, Hannes Lindeque himself. A written interview by Jay Rӧhm-Williams


  1. The rise of motorized kayaks
    As the popularity of kayak fishing grows, manufacturers continue to roll out better kayaks made specifically for fishing and accessories that provide kayak anglers with many of the high-tech tools that bass boat anglers enjoy. - Matt Ball
  1. The search for brush piles
    The limbs and branches of wood will provide excellent place for baitfish to seek refuge. It’s amazing how the fish find these areas, which hints on the fact that fish are constantly migrating and looking for alternative areas to feed, hide and live. - Roger Donaldson
  1. Attract and trigger
    Modern bass lures and baits are highly complicated fish catching tools - most of which are laboratory tested and computer designed. However our grandfathers were just as successful with homemade baits of chunk metal, hand carved wood and chicken feathers. - Andrew Court

  2. Farm dam strategies – Part 2
    I urge you to make sure you’re at the water and ready to make your first cast before the sun’s rays break the horizon. I’ve readily found that the larger bass are still very active at this time and making hay while the sun is away. - Roger Donaldson


  1. My beste hengelmaat
    Ek het besef dat ‘n mens nie verder hoef te kyk as die een wat die naaste aan jou is as dit by die keuse van ‘n hengelmaat kom nie. - Philip Kemp
  1. Close bass combat - The strategy of wading - Part 1
    There are a few elements of importance one must think about when it comes to wading for bass. In this three part wading series the aspects of new angles, access to deeper water with shorter casts, closer observation points and merging with the thermocline first hand are all advantages we will elaborate on further. - Jay Rӧhm-Williams


  1. As die gogga byt
    Dit is nou herfs en baie jagters maak gereed om ietsie te gaan skiet. Vir my is swartbaarhengel net soos jag, maar met ‘n verskil... - Hannes Lindeque
  1. Basics for beginners
    Our mission is to promote bass angling as a socially acceptable and popular outdoor recreational activity, and in addition, to encourage acceptable angling ethics. SA BASS magazine helps our readers to catch more and bigger fish. - Hannes Lindeque
  1. Size and shape of bait matters
    Experimenting with different bait sizes is a quick way to learn whether you have selected the bit of choice as the bass should react quite quickly to the lure – provided you are in the right spot naturally. But there is quite a lot more to understanding bait size and shape and an immense amount of work can go into this alone. - Bass Spy
  1. FLW Cast-for-Cash bass angling tournaments
    SA BASS has been presenting monthly bass angling tournaments since 2001. Today SA BASS is the official licensee to present FLW sanctioned bass tournaments in eight southern Africa regions. Here we answer basic questions. - Hannes Lindeque

36. Cast-for-Cash report - Hannes Lindeque
40. Small craft tournament results
42. 15th Annual Black Bass Fishing World Championship 2019 - John Badenhorst

31. Garmin unveils the MARQ Collection
34. FLW enters into Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments
46. International angling news - Anthony Hawkswell

04. My Cast
06. Readers-go-Bassing

48. Olifants River Lodge

On the cover:
“TBC – Gaunteng angler: Danny Creigh-Smith ”
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