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In this issue we focus on catching summer bass.

10. Snap jigging fall smallies - Kyle Wood
Some people think the only way to coerce finicky smallmouths into biting is to use finesse baits and light line. Sometimes that’s the case, but another approach that can work is to fish more aggressive tactics.


  1. Seasonal tips and tricks
  2. How reservoirs age - TJ Maglio
    The vast network of dams and reservoirs in the USA is certainly among the great works of the 20th century. Beginning in the late ’20s, the construction of dams by local and federal governments brought electricity, flood control and unprecedented prosperity to folks in desperate need due to the Great Depression.


  1. DIY tackle projects
    Easy hardware store tackle tweaks that are inexpensive, but effective


  1. Four stroke maintenance - Joe Balog
    Whether you outfit your rig with a two-stroke or four stroke outboard hinges on the type of boat you’re running and what your performance needs are on the water. What’s much more cut and dry is the difference in routine service schedules between the two.
  2. A tale amongst the vegetation - Roger Donaldson
    The first thing I look for, and certainly around the months heading up toward autumn, is what vegetation is available in the waters I’m fishing. I have some incredible memories of large bass being caught around this type of cover.


  1. Liploos - Philip Kemp
    Liplose kunsvissies is uitstekende “soek-ase” en word net soos ‘n swaailem dikwels gebruik in areas om te bepaal of daar baars in die area is en of hulle bereid is om te jag. My gunsteling tyd vir ‘n liplose kunsvissie is natuurlik die hele jaar, maar gedurende Januarie tot einde Maart is die aas dodelik.


  1. Land of flooded timber - Roger Donaldson
    Bass fisherman in Southern Africa will be very excited to learn that areas of flooded timber exist in many of our dams. Most are completely hidden from sight until the dams experience some sort of drought.


  1. Autumn kilos - Jay Röhm-Williams
    If you thought you had some fun bassing over the summer, hold on tightly to your reels because now we are going to catch some really, nice sized bass.


  1. Colour Counts - Roger Donaldson
    The colour revolution became so popular and evident that in 2010 even bait designers in South Africa started producing soft plastic baits, which clearly resembled our resident fodder species.


  1. Know Your Bassing - Jay Röhm-Williams
    Here are great facts you may or not know about South African bass angling and large-mouth bass in general.


  1. Bassin’ Kids - Hannes Lindeque
    Dit is een van die dae weer vakansie en baie ouers wonder wat die kinders met hulsef gaan aanvang om hulself besig te hou; veral die kinders wat die gaan tuis bly.


  1. Amarok Double Cab Highline Auto Plus - Hannes Lindeque
    The first thing that one notices when viewing an Amarok is its imposing size. The overall design hasn’t changed much, but under the hood and the interior is a different story.

40. Cast-for-Cash report - Hannes Lindeque
44. A small craft angler’s road to Lake Guntersville (Part 4) - Vicus Horn

19. Mercury Marine celebrates 80th anniversary
36. NRF B-Complex
37. DUO Apex - David Swendseid

04. My Cast
06. Readers-go-Bassing
08. Letter to the editor

48. Bernally’s Fishing Lodge

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