2019 02 Feb

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In this issue we focus on catching summer bass.


“Topwater action”

Top water bassing is without any doubt the most exciting facet of bass fishing, and after a few massive blow ups and no hook ups, it is also the most aggravating facet! – Dewald Viljoen

“Crankbaits in the heat of summer”

We’re heading into February and in many parts of South Africa we will be experiencing the most sweltering temperatures. – Roger Donaldson

“5 Basic paddling points to maximize efficiency”

A Jackson Kayak Pro-Staffer explains How To Improve Your Stroke – Bridgett Howard

“Follow Michael Matthee on Tour”

One of our very first FLW South Africa champions, Michael Matthee, is living his dream – Hannes Lindeque

“Summer bass tactics”

Bassin’ during summer can be tough especially with the hot weather upon us. – Hendrik

“A small craft angler’s road to Lake Guntersville – Part 3”

It started to slowly hit home: This was really happening. I did it! – Vicus Horn

“Late summer bass fishing”

During the heat of summer don’t make the mistake of packing up and heading home after the morning bite slows down. – Mark Bilbrey


Bass fishing as a sport or hobby is not something that most folks are born into. It’s not just a hobby or a way to pass the time – John Badenhorst

“Dam threatening vegetation”

It is no secret in South Africa and the world alike that today fresh water is becoming rapidly a scarce commodity. – Jay Röhm-Williams

“Farm dam strategies – Part 1”

I am sure there are many avid bass fishing readers who recently started their journey into the sport of bass fishing and who have access to a

farm dam close to them where they can get a few hours of fishing in on a casual weekend. – Roger Donaldson

“Wanneer is ‘n kopskuif belangrik”

Dit is snikheet warm en die kwik vat-vat so aan die mid-dertigs – Philip Kemp

“Licence to kill”

Over the last couple of months, the destruction of our target species has once again reared its ugly head. – John Badenhorst

“Making the cast”

From first glance it looks like an impossible cast to achieve… – Jay Röhm-Williams

“Holiday madness”

Bronkhorstspruit Dam, a little gem situated roughly 45km east of Pretoria and Johannesburg. – Valerie Jacobs

“Current makes a difference”

We’re on the main subject of scouting the waters – Bass Spy

“Who teaches who?”

I had the privilege of taking both my kids and one of their friends to Lake Mteri a few days ago – Clint Skinner

2019 World Fishing Games


Garmin’s new single-array transducer


My Cast


International Angling News

Bivane Dam Resort

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