2019 01 Jan

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In this issue we focus on catching summer bass.


“My PB – Before & After”

After qualifying for the international friendship tournament at Lake Guntersville, I desperately needed some boating experience as I’m familiar with kick boat fishing – Hendrik Brand

“Breaking down punching gear”

The basic tools for targeting bass in heavy vegetation – Matt Williams

A simple improvement on the braid-to-fluorocarbon leader system. – Curtis Niedermier

“An understanding for spinnerbaits”

Let’s cast right in and take a look at a broad variety of spinnerbaits, their wire frames, the weight options, skirt colours and blade configuration – Roger Donaldson

“The same but different”

There is an old cliché and saying about the wheel which goes as follows… Don’t re-invent the wheel, just make it run better” – John Badenhorst

“Shallow water crankbaits”

I remember fishing Nottingham Dam in Zimbabwe. The air temperatures were sweltering I the 40’s. The water temperature fluctuating about the 25º mark and water clarity stained with visibility of less than 30cm. – Roger Donaldson 

“Big bass in small ponds”

Whether it smashed you with surprise like a top-water hit, or you gently slept through it a deep-winter lunker would, 2019 is here. – Jay Röhm-Williams 

“Where to fish”

It is Friday evening and the question is not whether to fish tomorrow but where to fish? Reports from Witbank have been good and as it is a big piece of water, boat traffic should not be an issue – Allan Morgan

“Secrets of South Africa’s pro’s – Part 6: Other approaches to structure”

One of the biggest mistakes of seen anglers make is approaching the structure too quickly and with no consideration of what they are ultimately trying to achieve. – Bass Spy

“A small craft angler’s road to Lake Guntersville – Part 2”

It started when Hugo told us that he had some exiting news for us. Hugo van der Walt is the organizer and one of the founding members of, “The Bass Challenge”. – Vicus Horn

“2019 Tournament dates”

“Fishing the Costa FLW Series Championship with Robbie Olivier”
SA Bass interviewed our FLW South Africa Champion, Robbie Olivier

“Fishing the Costa FLW Series Championship with Neels Beneke”
SA Bass interviewed our FLW South Africa Champion, Neels Beneke

“2019 World Fishing Games”
Fishing as we know it has many different facets and aspects that are practiced by thousands of anglers on a daily basis around the world. – Valerie Jacobs


“Garmin awarded top NMEA honours”

Garmin was named “Manufacturer of the Year” for the fourth consecutive year.




Cast-for-Cash - tournament results

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