2017 08 Aug

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In this issue we focus on catching late winter bass.

On the cover:
“Columbia River Smallmouth”
Image: Bertrand Ngim

How to… Fish the Ned Rig
The Ned rig has taken the country by storm; it’s new and exciting.

Columbia River Smallmouth Adventure (Part 1)
In spring 2017, I visited renowned U.S. smallmouth bass fishing expert David Swendseid in Central Oregon and we headed to the Columbia River. – Fishingboy and David Swendseid

Tackle Prices
Many years ago, I remember complaining about the high price of tackle, so maybe we simply just to complain. (Well, I do anyway) – Kevin Lofstedt

Top 5 Most Overlooked Big Bass Presentations
In today’s market there are such a huge variety of lures available. Everyone knows the usual culprits for catching big fish… – Robbie Olivier

Jigs vs. Pres-spawn Bass – Bennie Wiese
A Day on the Lake with Michael Cronjé – Roger Donaldson
What’s for Dinner? – John Badenhorst

Choosing a Spinnerbait – Roger Donaldson
Tough Fishing – Bennie Wiese
Night Fishing – Hugo Lerm
Dealing with Tough Scenarios – Divan Coetzee

Masvikadei Classic – Clint Skinner
Yeongsan River Tidal Assault (Part 2) – Fishingboy

SA BASS Cast-for-Cash

Garmin’s New Quatix 5 Marine GPS smartwatch

Letter from the Editor
Gear Up

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