2017 06 Jun

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In this issue we focus on catching summer bass.

“Nathan Wickham with a Letsibogo bucket mouth”
Image: John Wickham

Winter – Finding Where the Bass Have gone:
Many anglers I know struggle to achieve results during winter and they all have one thing common: they tend to one dimensional in their approach and rely heavily on the margins to get some fish in the boat. – Divan Coetzee

Technology – Back to the Future
Earlier we spoke about the ethics involved in the use of high tech gadgets to put fish in the boat. Firstly, we need to take note of the fact that these gadgets are available to anyone that has got the money. So, what’s the problem? – Kevin Lofstedt

FLW Article – Eyes on the Eelgrass:
As eelgrass expands its range throughout the Tennessee River system, new patterns are emerging for savvy anglers who understand how bass relate to it. – Steve Calhoun

Tips for Lipless Fishing:
Lures have become really expensive and just the idea of running a crankbait through underwater grass fitted with two treble hooks may appear to be an act of madness by many anglers – Bennie Wiese

Die Winde van Verandering – Philip Kemp
How to… Drive a Fast Boat Safely – BoatTEST.com
Winter Tactics for Small Ponds – Bennie Wiese
Falling and Rising Water Levels – Robbie Olivier
The Reel Deal – Dewald Viljoen
In Their Face – SA BASS

Gear Up

SA BASS Cast-for-Cash tournament report
The Bassing Duo – Corné Schoeman

Bivane Dam Resort

Dark-mantled Sooty Albatros – Jo Dreyer

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