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SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing.

In this issue we focus on catching summer bass.

“FLW Pro Angler – JT Kenney”
Image: Jody White


>> Deeper Smart Sonar Readers Competition
>> Back Issues Competition
>> Le Bonheur Croc Farm Destination Competition



Pages: 06/07 – “Ultra Finesse Bassin’- An Introduction”
For some, the thought of downgrading your tackle to something much lighter than what you would normally use might seem rather daunting. – John Badenhorst


Pages: 16/17– “Chuggers”
The water is calm; your thoughts are somewhere else and all you hear at the back ground is the popping sound of the chugger. – Bennie Wiese


“Summertime Bass Fishing”
Summertime! Probably my least favourite season to fish for bass – Divan Coetzee


“Barking Mad”
My fishing partner and I were fishing one of our local ponds. – The Bass Addict


“Bobaas Bolopers in die Somer”
Baarshengelaars wat hulle boloper-ase wegpak na die lente, mag dalk net hulle kanse averspeel om regtig mooi groot baars op sulke warm somersdae vas te trek. – Philip Kemp


Basser Profile
SA BASS Cast-for-Cash Champion-of-Champions Wenners 2016: Frans Swanepoel en Lesley Montgomery
Die Afrikaanse gesegde lui: “aanhouer wen” – Hannes Lindequerik


“Casting a Jig”
Gareth Dryden is a highly competitive angler and has been fishing the Cast-for-Cash tournament trail for the first time in 2016 – Bennie Wiese


“Ask a Biologist”
How big are bass home ranges? – Dr. Steven Cooke


“Essential Skills”
How to tie a leader to braid – TJ Maglio


“Summer Strategies - Part 2”
We’re into January and the heat in most parts of South Africa is peaking, with warmer water temperatures than any other time of the year. – Roger Donaldson


“Bassin’... The New Contact Sport”
On a relaxed Wednesday afternoon and while on leave, myself and a few friends, who also happened to be on leave, decided to throw a line at one of our local spots. – John Badenhorst


“Getting Your Confidence Back”
Bass fishing is one of the most challenging sports you can ever participate in. There are so many aspects that can affect your results – Rudi Dreyer


>> SA BASS Cast-for-Cash Tournament Report
>> Wrangler Angler – Adrian Luff
>> Southern Division Juniors Tournament Report
>> Fishing FLW USA
>>Zimbabwe National Bass Federation


>> The Legend Is Back


“Shore Bass Fishing in South Korea”
Shoreline bass fishing is popular in South Korea. – Fishingboy


>> “What is Camouflage?” by Joe Dreyer


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