November 2016 – Issue 187

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SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing. In this issue we focus on catching winter bass.



“Adriaan Zwarts at Roodekopjes Dam”
Image: Roger Donaldson


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“Swimbaiting 101 in my Opinion”
Swimbaiting has yet to explode onto the local bass fishing scene in this country, possibly due to our conservative approach to bass fishing, and some of our tournament formats are limit focused. I guess it is understandable, however thing are changing – Bryan Leppan


“Why Your Next Boat Should Be Paddled”
With the rapid growth kayak fishing in the world’s largest bass fishing market, the USA, more and more anglers are buying kayak, either as a first boat or an additional watercraft by existing boat owners. In South Africa anglers tend to largely overlook kayaks as an option for getting on the water. – Dewald Viljoen


“Creature Baits for Life”
If a 1.8kg bass loves creature baits then will a 4kg bass and also a 6kg bass. – Hendrikdrik


“Pre-spawn / Post-spawn”
The water temperature is warmer but largemouth bass can still play so many tricks on us – Adrian Luff


“It’s All In The Vibration”
Chatterbaits must be one of the most versatile baits on the market and in 2006 it became famous over night in the USA and worldwide after bass pro anglers dominated the field with it. All over the world it has been used and anglers are not just catching bass on it, but other species as well – Bennie Wiese


“Weekend Warrior”
The week has been long! Maybe the last couple of weeks have consisted of running here, running there, meetings, more meetings and in the end a huge mountain of bills to pay. The planning is done, the weather looks good and Saturday morning couldn’t come sooner – The Bass Addict


“Bass Fishing in South Korea Geumho Lake Shoreline Bassin’”
I want to begin this new series with special thanks to my South Korean friendcum- host, Mr. Kang Hohyeong, as well as all the readers who have been following my articles on SA Bass. – Fishingboy


“Holy Cow! - Spawning Season – Again!”
Every year in the middle of winter we console ourselves about how bad the weather is, with the thought of how good THIS spawning season is gonna be. Now, the choice of wording when I say “holy cow” is NOT accidental. – Kevin Lofstedt


>> New SA BASS Cast-for-Cash Tournament Season– Hannes Lindeque
>> SA BASS Cast-for-Cash tournament report – Hannes Lindeque
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>> “White Crowned Lapwing – Witkopkiewiet by Joe Dreyer



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