October 2016 – Issue 186


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SA BASS has been the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing. In this issue we focus on catching winter bass.



“John Cox, winner of the 2016 Forrest Wood Cup”
Image: Andy Hagedon



“The Tin Man”
Disavowing conventional bass fishing wisdom, John Cox’s recent win at the 2016 Forrest Wood Cup in a simple aluminium bass boat proves that bigger and faster isn’t always better. – Rob Newell

“Flat-Sided Crankbaits”
To novice anglers, any old hard wooden or plastic plug with a lip is referred to as a crankbait. They all wobble, dive on the retrieve and, periodically, come back with a fish attached, but not all are equal... – TJ Maglio

“Rod selection”
Having the correct fishing equipment is as important in fishing as it is in any other sport. Let us compare it to golf, surely you can complete a round of golf with one or two clubs but it will be very frustrating – Japie Botha

“Bassing with Buzzbaits”
On a recent business conference I was invited to stay at my boss’s home in a golf estate on the main road down to Inanda Dam and it reminded me of a late spring buzzbaiting adventure I experienced there. – Roger Donaldson

“What Bass Eat”
Late spring is a great time of year. The dog days of winter are gone and I’m heading shallow and fishing aggressively. – Bryan Leppan

“Om te Waad is Beslis ‘n Wenresep”
Ons gesels alewig oor wie se boot dan nou kwansuis die vinnigste is, of waterenjin die meeste perde het, wie se visvinder die binnekant van die vis se bek kan sien of wie dan nou die beste of meeste stokke en katrolle het. – Philip Kemp

“Is There a Future?”
After my first full season of kayaking, I look back and wonder if kayaking is really a viable alternative for the bass angler. – Dewald Viljoen

“Smallmouth Bass - When It All Comes Together”
There aren’t many places in the world that can compare to the wilderness areas of Southern Africa – Evert Laubscher

“Lock Jaw”
For the last two weeks I have been listening to anglers talking how great this spawning season will be and how easy it is to catch spawning fish – Bennie Wiese

“Die “Hornets-Nest” Tegniek”
Die swartbaars se broeityd is op hande en dis alombekend dat dié tydperk van die grootste baars lewer. Maar hoe gemaak? – Louis Bezuidenhout

“Why Judge?”
As an avid angler I have spent many happy hours on our local and international waters hunting those that dwell in the deep. – John Badenhorst

“Kick Boat in Southern Cape”
Bass fishing in the Southern Cape has been pretty awesome for me over the last few years but something really special recently popped into the “how” part of bass fishing – Adrian Luff

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>> “Great Crested Grebe” by Joe Dreyer

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