March 2016 – Issue 179

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SA BASS is the leading bass magazine since 2001 for everyone who loves bass fishing. In this issue we focus on catching autumn bass.

“The space age Allison XB21 bass boat”
Image: Bob Stawicki


Autumn’s Big Bait Festa
Early fall leaves an abundance of fish-catching opportunities. It’s a time frame in many regions that provides stable and predictable weather. This predictability filters out uncertainty and allows the hunter to pursue his prey with focus and direct. – David Swendseid

Dressing Up Your Jig
There is no single bait in that arsenal of yours that won’t catch a bass at any given time of the year… the secret however, is to apply the most appropriate lure to attract the greatest volumes of bites and of course to apply the best option to seek out that monster that you’ve always dreamed of catching – Roger Donaldson

Using Your Electronics to Catch Autumn Bass
Autumn is a great time of year to catch bass as they become very predictable and with the correct equipment and knowledge, you can have some massively successful days on the water – Rowan Timmer

As die Natuur Roep
Soms voel baarshengel vir ons soos om na ‘n naald in ‘n hooimied te soek. Ons soek so hard na die naald dat ons vergeet om eers die hooimied op te spoor – Philip Kemp

Neat Tricks for Soft Swimbaits
Swimbaits are here to stay and will produce at times when other lures don’t. Use these tips to catch huge bass! – Hendrik

Keep Bass Alive
There is nothing more disappointing than getting to a tournament weigh in and see 2kg bass laying dead and lots of bass floating around that have not been de-gassed – Bennie Wiese

Kayak Bassing- Part 4: Hanging Around
One of the greatest advantages that a kayak holds over other watercraft is stealth. – Dewald Viljoen

Fly Fishing for Bass: Part 2
Fly fishing for bass is not rocket science, but instead practice and well garnered knowledge will get you the fish every time. – John Badenhorst

iReCall Theewaterskloof Bass Classic
The Theewaterskloof Bass Classic is an annual event held by the Tafelberg Bassmasters. It is the biggest bass fishing event of the year on the Theewaterskloof calendar. It boasts prizes over the value of R130,000 with the result that everybody walked home with something. – Andrew Nienaber

The Keys to Becoming a Consistent Bass Fishing Team
James Roberts, 2011 National Bass Champion, and I, fish together as a two man team in most events in and around the Cape – Vincent de Boer

Basic Electronics – Part 3: Basic GPS
If you are thinking of buying a new fish finder or you are a beginner and thinking of investing in one, it can very overwhelming. – Bennie Wiese

Rod Bender - The time has come …
Previously... After Rod freed Jeff from the alien craft and all the chaos that ensued, he realized that Jeff is not moving...

Bassin’ Kids Avontuurkamp
Dit was ‘n warm, sonskroeiende Sondag. Oorkant die dam sluip die bokke nader vir ‘n druppel water. – Wihanli Lindeque

Something Happened
Months of planning, endless searches on Google and it all come down to this... this one single day – The Bass Addict

SA BASS Cast-for-Cash tournament report
SABAA se Nasionale Interprovinsiale Toernooi
ZNBF Champion-of-Champions report

8-TREK: All purpose oitnment
Lowrance – New HOOK series

BIRDING– “Spotted Crake” by Joe Dreyer

Bernally’s Fishing Lodge

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