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“ Hombré”

Image: David Swendseid



Mofam River Lodge



“Crankbaits: tips & techniques”

Every year thousands off crankbaits are sold to fresh and salt water anglers. Many of these baits will be lost but some will create great fishing memories. – Bennie Wiese


“Moenie vir my kwaad word nie maar ...”

Ek stel die vraag: Is ons Suid-Afrikaners kortsigtige hengelaars? Persoonlik dink ek die antwoord is “ja”! Inteendeel; ons is nie net kortsigtig nie, maar ook ... – Dewald Viljoen


“A first for me”

I have been fishing competitively for bass for a good two years now. My main goal in any tournament is that top spot.- Jean-Michel Gravenor


“Biggest mistakes you’re making with money”

I recently saw an article on a webpage and found it very interesting. Twelve points were made and they are applicable to everyone who earns an income to ensure sound reasoning with their earnings! – Gerrit du Toit


“Blinde kolle”

Ten spyte van al die hengeldruk op ons damme en met tye wat dit voel asof jy jou hare uit jou kop kan trek van frustrasie, is daar altyd iemand wat wel vis skaal toe bring en ander hengelaars met mombakkies laat sit. - Hendrik


“Late summer bass fishing”

A big part of locating bass on any body of water is identifying which seasonal pattern the fish are in and having an idea about how fish behave during this pattern. These patterns can vary from place and depend a lot on latitude. – Marco Grobler


“The power of soft plastics”

In bass fishing education and experience can be more fun than training for any other sport. No one person has all the answers to the mysteries of bass fishing, which is what makes the sport so unique. – Mark Bilbrey


“Oeps, daar doen ek dit weer”

Met elke artikel wat ek in ons hengeltydskrifte lees word daar altyd net raad gegee, nuwe tegnieke verduidelik, en word die kuns van baarshengel so mooi aan ons lesers verduidelik dat elkeen net daar en dan sy stokke wil gryp en afsit hengelwaters toe. – Philip Kemp


“Catching big limits”

For every tournament angler out there, everything is about catching the biggest five fish limit on any given tournament day. Nothing beats that excitement going to the weigh-in knowing that you’ve got a five fish limit of bass weighing over ten kilo’s. – Reed Eastman


“Rising water levels”

Changing water levels can present some challenging fishing conditions for the bass angler, but a few major factors can be considered in order to narrow down your search during rising water levels and put those bass in the boat … - Roger Donaldson


“Jerkbaiting into autumn”

Jerkbaits have a special place in the tackle box as they can ignite your bass fishing day when you’re least expecting it … - Roger Donaldson


“The greatest weapon in bass fishing”

All bass fishermen, especially tournament anglers, spend endless amount of time trying to find that secret bait or a secret spot or something to give them the edge. You always look at a top angler and wonder what his secret is. – Rudi Dreyer


“Fishing physics 101: Density”

Some principles can be applied to plastic lure selection and many different aspect of fishing. Better understanding of “density” will result in more informed decisions. – Lourens Joubert



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