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David Swendseid

Image: Courtesy of Bassmaster magazine



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The Grant Hewitt Chronicles – “Post Spawn Junking”

Junk fishing on the post-spawn is a scenario ventured by many and perfected by few. Building up to the spawn, the movements of the bass are habitually routine and the anglers are not normally far behind ... – Grant Hewitt


“A day on the water”

At the end of the day we had caught more than twenty fish, smallest being 1kg and the biggest was 3kg caught by Jaco. - Stephen Williams


“Tackling Pressured Ponds”

When I was back in England, I had to face up with the inconvenient realities of bass fishing in France, which is the closest country to where I currently reside, where bass are found. Ironically, the more I think of it, ... – Bertrand Ngim


“Fads, Fashions and Fables”

Anyone who has been in the bass fishing game for some time will have accumulated boxes, bags, trunks, and possibly even storerooms of tackle over the years. It is all stacked away neatly, on shelves, or maybe in boxes. – Dick van Dyk


“Finessing Made My Season”

I am definitely not the best fisherman or writer but I will share an experience I had in finesse fishing, a style of fishing that we all know but we don’t always have to apply. – Japie Botha


“Home Made Lures”

We have all ended up with bags full of used soft plastic lures that were either ripped to pieces by bass, or used and never replaced in their packaging when we went through everything we had, to find out what the bass would prefer.- Hendrik


“How To Use Noise To Your Advantage”

Two of a bass’ most important senses are that of sound and vibration. Let’s consider these ‘noises’ and analyse how a bass interprets them and then implement noise to our advantage … - Roger Donaldson


“Improve Your Texas Rig”

The Texas rig must be one of the rigs that have caught the most bass ever and is very popular amongst bass anglers. It can be fished throughout the year in shallow or deep structures and can produce big fish. This rig can be reliable to get you fish when other rigs will fail. – Bennie Wiese


“Keeping Bass Alive In a Live-well”

The most common causes of fish mortality are physical injury, oxygen deprivation,

high level of ammonia or carbon dioxide and high water temperatures. – Mark Bilbrey


“Nature’s Signs”

Today a lot of anglers rely on fancy electronic gadgets to know what is going on around them but there is also an easier way. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to know, that if you pay attention to nature around you, it might just help you catch more bass. - Hendrik


“Night Fishing for Bass”

Bass fishing at night in the summer months can be much fun for the prepared angler. Nothing compares to the feeling of casting a lure into the alien darkness and then listening and feeling as you wait for a big bass to strike. – Mark Bilbrey


“Setting Up a Baitcaster Reel”

It’s amazing to see how many anglers there are that do not know how to adjust a baitcaster reel. I think the problem may be that some sales people just sell ... - Bennie Wiese


“Silly Fishing Tactics in the Silly Season”

They don’t call it the silly season for nothing. Everybody is trying to take a break and get out pursuing their favourite past time. – Lourens Joubert



At least two things occur when big bass suspend. They tend to be more difficult to catch but more importantly they tend to pay close attention to lure action. - David Swendseid


“The Passions Begins”

I am often asked why I fish for bass and not for other fresh water fish. Whilst it is a good question, it is not too difficult to answer. – T-Max Bass


“Where Do Those Kickers Go Hide”

In the middle of summer, many anglers may think that the best bite is during the mornings or in the

afternoons. This may be true, as usually the bass move shallow in the mornings and afternoons to feed, and is therefore a lot easier to catch.  – Reed Eastman



What is the next thing to do?



“Your First Combo”

You are going on holiday but don’t want to spend a fortune on tackle, or you just want something for

the kids to play around with. Having the right combination of rod, reel, line and terminal tackle makes a big difference to your success rate. – Lionel Crow



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“Bass World Has Moved”



“Krismis Blues”

Baie van ons ken die effe depressiewe gevoel van die maer Januarie en Februaries wat volg na ‘n heerlike“verdiende” rus en vryheid van ‘n Desember en Feesgety wat verby is, en ons WEET ... ons het onsself bietjie in die rooi gedruk met ons finansies ... – Gerrit du Toit



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