February 2014 - Issue 154

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Unknown soldier”

Image: Ranger


Eston Lakes Country House



“I have never accepted a sponsor because I needed the money. I have always only represented sponsors when I believed in their product” – Ken Golub



If you have not read, seen or heard of the slaughter of bass by spear gun on recent social media platforms, then you don’t own a cell-phone, I-Pad or computer. The truth is every single angler who has followed this story is completely shocked, to say the least...– Grant Hewitt


SA BASS CLASSROOM – “Helicoptering”

There must be hundreds of if not thousands of articles written about spinnerbaits techniques. There is so many ways to fish these baits, it’s unbelievable. Any angler that has tied on a spinnerbait and has fished it will have their own way of doing it. - Bennie Wiese


SA BASS ACADEMY– “Finding and fishing deep water structure – Part 2”

Fishing deep water structures can be very rewarding all year round. The first thing is to locate the offshore hot spots which I described in Part 1. Now let’s look at other types of structures and how to fish them. – Gordon Brown


SA BASS BASICS“Understanding fishing lines”

The topic of fishing line used to be a short story, however today fishing line is anything but simple and understanding the different kinds of line available has become a rather complex subject. – Norma-Jean Jasmin


SA BASS ELECTRONICS – “How do you use your fish finder – Part 3?”

Preparation for any fishing trip, whether it is a social trip or a tournament is very important. In my books, it counts seventy percent towards a successful day’s fishing. Preparing your tackle normally is the first on the list when going fishing, but there are many other planning factors to consider that are equally important. – Mohammed Patel


SA BAARS FINANSIES– “Aftree fondsse – radikale verandering”

1 Maart 2015 is ‘n datum om te onthou -Gerrit du Toit


SA BASS CLASSROOM– “Fishing the lawn”

Late summer is when the grass is at its thickest, often forming large matted areas that seem to attract big bass like the proverbial magnet. The reason is twofold. – Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS CLASSROOM“Spoon feeding big bass in late summer”

Flutter spoons are relatively un-fished in our waters nowadays, however this old school bait has been causing quite some chatter in the USA. Mark Rose has been racking up some big bags on the flutter spoon, catching large schooling bass. – Nicholas Milligan


SA BASS ROAD TRIP“Restless in Rust de Winter”

After the long grind at Mongena as described in the previous issue, out next stop was Rust de Winter Dam.

Of all the venues that I have fished in South Africa to date, this one had the coolest sounding name by far. – Bertrand Ngim


SA BASS TACTICS – “Targeting big bass”

Every bass angler dreams about catching a trophy bass but in most of our waters, it has become a real challenge. – Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS ACADEMY– “Top water tactics and lure selection”

I am sure if we ask ten serious bass anglers what their favourite tactic is, nine of them will tell you it is catching fish on top water lures – Lourens Joubert


INTERNATIONAL– “Summer shaky head bass”

This summer, let us take a look at an old technique to catch big bass – Mark Bilbrey



INTERNATIONAL– “Characteristics of crankbaits”

Fishing a crankbait can be one of the most successful techniques for modern bass fishing – Mark Bilbrey



SA BASS ADVERTORIAL “Three sizzling summer bass tactics”

When summer temperatures soar... try these three HOT fishing techniques and watch your troubles disappear – Cian Conradie






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