September 2014 - Issue 161


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I am the ultimate sceptic. As an outdoor writer, I felt this was a crucial part of the job description. If I didn’t look at a new technique, a theory or lure with a critical eye, then who would? – Mike Jones



The Tribal SC is manufactured locally by Tribal Boats and is of such quality that nearly a dozen boats have already been exported overseas. – Hannes Lindeque



The first few brands of plastic baits I remember using were Slider, Mister Twister and Luck-e-Strike. I can still remember how they used to smell; it was quite a particular scent, an unforgettable scent that could best be described as plastic! – Grant Hewitt


SA BASS STRATEGIES –“Fishing weightless”

If there is one rig that has worked very well for me in the past it must be the weightless rig. It is also an excellent way to fish in the early spring and is for me one of the most basic ways to fish for bass. – Richard Dunn


SA BASS TACTICS– “The two day challenge”

I have subsequently changed my approach. In light of the new PLT series starting I thought I will share with you some of the adjustments I had to make. – Rudi Dreyer


SA BASS STRATEGIES –“Finding spawning bass”

It is here! Awesome fishing is around the corner and it’s time to get a remedy for that cabin fever. Spawn season and easy fishing is about to be unleashed at every fishing venue in this country. – Lourens Joubert


SA BASS CLASSROOM –“Out-of-sight”

Mother Nature’s call is strong and most of the time male bass will build the nests, find females, fertilize the eggs and guard the fry until they are ready to fend on their own. This whole process takes approximately three weeks. – Bennie Wiese


SA BASS CLASSROOM– “Cold fronts”

A cold front is probably the most used excuse there is for failure to catch bass. It has destroyed more patterns and crushed more dreams than all other weather situations combined. So what are the characteristics of a cold front?  - Gordon Brown


SA BASS BASICS – “Myths about fishing for bass”

For every fact about bass fishing there is a myth about bass fishing. Although these facts are proven, we still have the side of the myths surrounding bass fishing. - Hendrik


SA BASS CLASSROOM“Tips for beginners”

When you visit a tackle shop, the options on tackle and accessories are mind blowing. Just the colour ranges of the plastic baits are unbelievable. Experienced anglers will concur that beginners do not need a lot to start bass fishing although shop owners will disagree! – Bennie Wiese


SA BAARS KLASKAMER“Kul jou hier, kul jou daar”

Wat is die verskil tussen ʼn goeie baarshengelaar en ʼn briljante baarshengelaar? Die kulkunstenaar Martino kon letterlik die haas uit die hoed trek, maar kan alle baarshengelaars die haas letterlik uit die hoed trek op dae wat die baars net nie belangstel in enige aas nie? Ek het met ʼn paar bekendes in baarshengel gesels en hulle ʼn bietjie gepor om van hulle waardevolle geheime met my te deel. – Philip Kemp



Starting my fishing career in the clear waters of the lowveld and sight fishing was a critical part of my fishing education. Over the years life took me away from the clear water and I had to by necessity learn to deal with murkier waters, but sight fishing stayed my first love. – Dewald Viljoen


SA BASS TACTICS– “Where did the bass go?”

Now that the calendar pages have flipped over to spring, it is the season to fish along primary points and to mid depth cover and steep vertical banks and drop offs in search of big pre-spawn bass. – Mark Bilbrey



Most anglers start getting their things in order for the next fishing season once winter has arrived. They clean their boats, oil their reels, spool new line onto reels, sort their equipment, etc. – Jean-Michael Gravenor


SA BASS CLASSROOM“Buzzbait mania”

I don’t know if it’s the chirping, splattering, squeaking sound it makes or the tantalizing skirt following this commotion. I do know that it is one of the most effective, exciting and certainly one of my favourite ways to catch bass. – Shandon Hawman


SA BASS UNIVERSITY“Largemouth bass: spawning cycle”

Are you sure in what stage the bass are now? While you are busy determining that you must eliminate the pieces of water that were they won’t be.- Hendrik


SA BASS ADVERTORIAL“Twelve bassin’ tips”

As winter starts to draw to a close some of you went into hibernation and now that spring is upon us it’s time to recap, brush away the cobwebs and get ready to find the one that got away. –N. van Heerden


SA BASS INTERNATIONAL – “Spring cold front – Part 2”

Let us not forget that springtime bass fishing can be extremely frustrating or incredibly fantastic – it all depends on the day you hit the water. – Bertrand Ngim



Witbank dam show Southern juniors its real colours



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